Alpha Omega Wrestling ‘Vendetta’ FULL Results


The following results are from Alpha Omega Wrestling ‘Vendetta’ at the Winter Gardens in Morecambe on July 16th 2016:


RJM defeated Barricade by Pinfall.

Following the match, RJM dared James Drake to get in the ring with him but James Drake retreated.

Xander Cooper made his trainee, Ryan Hunter run laps of the Morecambe Winter Gardens.

Lana Austin defeated Violet Vendetta by Pinfall.

Xander Cooper instructed Ryan Hunter to run up and down the stairs and perform lunges.

Prior to his match with “Un”Sexy Kev, James Drake sent Barricade and Andre Dekker backstage.

“The Leader” James Drake defeated “Un”Sexy Kev by Pinfall*.

*During the match, “Un”Sexy Kev was distracted by a trains magazine prior to James Drake’s win.

Following the match, James Drake called Barricade and Andre Dekker to the ring to attack “Un”Sexy Kev but RJM came to “Un”Sexy Kev’s aid.

Xander Cooper gave Ryan Hunter further workouts to perform.

AOW Tag Team Championship – Triple Threat – The Referendum (Bobby Roberts & Lewis Girvan) defeated “Delicious” Danny Hope & Joey Hayes and Solar Power (Solar & ‘Toxic Terror’ Cyanide) by Pinfall* to retain the AOW Tag Team Championship.

*During the match, Laird Grayson interfered on behalf of The Referendum which contributed to Bobby Roberts & Lewis Girvan’s win.

Xander Cooper called Ryan Hunter to the ring during a workout and challenge him to a match.

“The Man For All Seasons” Xander Cooper defeated Ryan Hunter by Pinfall*.

*Ryan Hunter was distracted by fans at ringside during the match.

Following the match, Xander Cooper informed Ryan Hunter that his lesson today was to “never take your eyes off the prize”. The referee tried to help Ryan Hunter to his feet but was stopped by Xander Cooper who insisted he get up of his own accord. Once Ryan Hunter was back on his feet, Xander Cooper tripped him.

Prior to the main event, Craig Kollins sat at ringside.

“The Psychotic Warrior” Johnny Phere defeated “The Priority” Chris Ridgeway by Disqualification after The Referendum attack Johnny Phere while Chris Ridgeway and Craig Kollins were being kept apart.

Following the match, a mass brawl broke out between the locker room. Alpha Male Stallion came out and announced that everyone would be involved in the 20-Man Golden Chance Rumble on September 17th.


Our thanks to Alpha Omega Wrestling for the results from the show.