New Generation Wrestling ‘Live In Stoke’ FULL Results


The following results are from New Generation Wrestling’s event at the Biddulph Valley Leisure Centre in Stoke on June 18th 2016:


NGW GEN:X Trophy Bubblegum defeated ‘The Amazing’ Matt Myers by Pinfall* to retain the NG GEN:X Trophy.

*Bubblegum delivered a low-blow to Matt Myers while the referee was distracted.

The Proven (Caz Crash & Sam Wilder) defeated Team Sports (Ace Matthews & David Graves) by Pinfall.

Following the match, Richie West demanded that Team Sports be removed from the ring. He then points out that the win was another victory for The Proven and The Control.  Richie West then informed the crowd that the main event between Rampage Brown and Nathan Cruz would not happen as he had given Rampage Brown the night off. Richie West the challenged Nathan Cruz to face The Proven instead. Nathan Cruz came out to accept the challenge but was attacked by Rampage Brown and The Proven. Rampage Brown attempted to deliver a piledriver to Nathan Cruz but was unable to do so after Nathan Cruz fought back and cleared Rampage Brown and The Proven from the ring. After conferring with Rampage Brown, Richie West informs Nathan Cruz that the main event will only happen if the NGW Undisputed Championship is on the line. Nathan Cruz accepted the terms.

‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero defeated Dara Diablo by Pinfall.

Liam Slater defeated Cyanide by Pinfall.

Prior to the championship main event, Nathan Cruz and Rampage Brown fought around the venue before eventually making their way into the ring to start the match.

NGW Undisputed Championship – ‘The Showstealer’ Nathan Cruz defeated Rampage Brown by Pinfall* to retain the NGW Undisputed Championship.

*During the match, The Proven interfered while the referee was incapacitated.


Our thanks to dynamicthinking (@dynamicthinking) for the results from the show.