Change To Scheduled Match And Fourth Match Confirmed For House Of Pain Wrestling ‘May Weekender Day Three’


House Of Pain Wrestling have confirmed a change to a match scheduled for their May 29th event, ‘May Weekender Day Three’ at the Calverton Working Mens Club in Calverton, Nottingham.

It has been announced that due to injury, Gabriel Kidd shall be unable to compete in the previously scheduled match against Alton Thorne for the HOP Heavyweight Championship in Calverton, Nottingham on May 29th. Therefore, House Of Pain Wrestling have confirmed that Gabriel Kidd shall be in attendance on May 29th to announce his replacement in the match.

House Of Pain Wrestling have also announced that ‘The World Warrior’ Juken and Lucas Archer shall face ‘The Crown Prince Of Wrestling’ Brett Ryans and ‘Textbook’ Dave Breaks in tag team action at the Calverton Working Mens Club.

House Of Pain Wrestling announced the change and match with the following:


Wrestling is a dangerous sport. Injuries occur on a regular basis, some more severe than others. 1 week ago in Leicester, Gabriel Kidd took a chance to entertain the fans and unfortunately suffered a serious injury which resulted in a few nail biting hours for friends and family.
As a result of this, Kidd will be unable to compete against Alton Thorne on Sunday 29th May, but Thorne will not get off that easily, Kidd will be in Calverton and he will announce his replacement in the match.

With Alex Gracie and Gareth Bond both able to pick each others opponents, there is now alot of mystery surrounding this show, but 1 match that has been announced for certain is a tag team match as Jukèn teams with Lucas Archer to take on “The Crown Prince of Wrestling” Brett Ryans and the returning former HOP heavyweight champion “Textbook” Dave Breaks.

Jukèn was still in his rookie year and Archer and Ryans had yet to even begin wrestling when Breaks was on top of HOP.
Since Breaks has been away, all 3 men have become great wrestlers in their own right and it will be interesting to see how Breaks mixes.

The announced match card is as follows:

Match Card

HOP Heavyweight Championship

Alton Thorne (c) vs ???


‘The World Warrior’ Juken & Lucas Archer vs ‘The Crown Prince Of Wrestling’ Brett Ryans & ‘Textbook’ Dave Breaks


‘The Noisy Boy’ Alex Gracie vs Gareth ‘G-Wiz’ Bond’s Hand Chosen Opponent


Gareth ‘G-Wiz’ Bond vs ‘The Noisy Boy’ Alex Gracie’s Hand Chosen Opponent


More Information

Doors Open: 2.30pm.

Tickets: Available on the door, on the night (dependent on availability).

Source: House Of Pain Wrestling