Two New Matches Confirmed For House Of Pain Wrestling ‘May Weekender Night One’


House Of Pain Wrestling have confirmed two new matches for their May 27th event, ‘May Weekender Night One’ at the Plessey Club in Beeston, Nottingham.

The first new match announced will see ‘The Absolute Legend’ Danny Chase compete against Kyle Kingsley in Beeston, Nottingham on May 27th.

The second new contest scheduled for May 27th shall be a fatal four-way match with the winner earning the #20 entry in the 20-Man Over The Top Rope Rumble in Beeston, Nottingham. The competitor who takes the losing fall in the match will enter the rumble match at #1. Additionally, House Of Pain Wrestling have confirmed that the first two competitors in the match will be ‘Ritmo and Disco Dan.

House Of Pain Wrestling announced the matches with the following:


“The Absolute Legend” Danny Chase and the very popular Kyle Kingsley have been in a heated rivalry over the last few months. With the first 2 matches, Chase used his veteran smarts to underhandedly score both wins, but last month Kingsley score the biggest win of the 3 by pinning Chase and knocking him out of the Calverton rumble and potential title shot in the process.
Even though Chase has 2 wins over Kingsley, it was actually Chase who threw out this challenge. 1 thing “the Absolute Legend” will not stand for is being made a fool of.

With the rumble set as the main event, a fatal four way match has been announced with the winner scoring the number 20 spot and the man who is pinned taking the number 1 spot.
The first man to be announced for the match is the fun loving, high flying dynamo, Ritmo.
The second, interestingly, is the equally fun loving Disco Dan.

wropes-longPhoto Credit: House Of Pain Wrestling

The announced match card is as follows:

Match Card

20-Man Over The Top Rope Rumble

Winner Earns A Championship Match Of Their Choosing


The Wyld Wolves (Mike Wyld & TimbaWolf) vs The Purge (??? &???)


Six-Man Tag Team

Joseph Starr, Davey Thompson & Gareth ‘G-Wiz’ Bond vs ‘Anti-Social’ John Carling, ‘Mean’ Marcus Hood & H-Block


‘The Brain Of Pain’ Paul Malen vs ‘The World Warrior’ Juken


‘The Dare-Angel’ Dave Leitao vs Steven Harris


‘The Absolute Legend’ Danny Chase vs Kyle Kingsley


Winner Enter At #20, Loser Enters At #1 – Fatal Four-Way

Ritmo vs Disco Dan vs ??? vs ???


More Information

Doors Open: 7.00pm.

Tickets: Available on the door, on the night (dependent on availability).

Source: House Of Pain Wrestling