Lethal Lottery Participants Confirmed For Fight! Nation ‘Lethal Lottery’

Fight Nation

Fight! Nation have confirmed the Lethal Lottery participants for their May 21st event, ‘Lethal Lottery’ at My Skate World in Eastbourne.

It has been announced Sammy Smooth, Jakey, Brucey, Ryan Smile, Sid Scala & James Castle shall compete in the Lethal Lottery tournament where two participants will be put into teams to form three team. Those three teams shall then compete against each other in a round robin tournament in Eastbourne on May 21st at ‘Lethal Lottery’. The members of the team with the most wins shall then face each other in the tournament final with the eventually winner earning a future FNW British Championship match.

Fight! Nation announced the participants with the following:

With less than two weeks to go before Fight! Nation returns to Eastbourne, it’s time to confirm the format and competitors for the Lethal Lottery Tournament, which will take place at My Skateworld on Saturday, 21st May.

The Tournament will see six men compete in a one-night round robin tournament, where the men will be randomly paired in to tag teams. All three teams will compete twice in one night, with the team earning the most victories declared the winner. In the event of all three teams picking up a victory, the team with the fastest victory will win the Tournament.

The winning team will then go on to face each other at a later date with the winner getting a shot at the British Championship.

The six tournament participants will be…

Proving popular with the Fight! Nation faithful when he made his debut for the promotion last time we were in Eastbourne, this is an opportunity to continue the rise Smooth has been on around the country in just a few short years in wrestling

The man who beat Smooth last time out will also be in the tournament, however this is not Castle’s only Fight! Nation accomplishment. He has competed in high-profile matches and proven to be vicious in each and every one, and will be a force to be reckoned with whoever he is paired with in the tournament.

One half of Liquid Dreams, the confidence (or should we call it arrogance) of Jakey is clear for everyone to see. Expecting the entire wrestling universe to know his name, Jakey can certainly back up his attitude inside the squared circle, and his tag team experience could prove valuable in the Tournament.

The other half of Liquid Dreams, and just as cocky as his tag partner, Brucey will be looking to go all the way in the Tournament. This also throws up an interesting dynamic – unless Liquid Dreams are drawn together, we will see both men square off on opposite sides of the ring in Eastbourne!

Hot off his massive victory over Josh Bodom in the two-out-of-three falls contest in Weymouth, Smile knows that the only way is up for him in Fight! Nation, and another big win on his record will go a long way both for a singles and potential tag team career.

The Savvy One will no doubt be bringing plenty of super bargains to Eastbourne for the Lethal Lottery Tournament. The wheeler and dealer has managed to gain himself a spot in the tournament, and Scala always has a trick up his sleeve which could certainly come in useful.

So there you have it, all six names for the huge Lethal Lottery Tournament. The wrestlers will find out who their partners will be at the same time as the fans do – when the draw takes place live at the start of the show. To be there to witness it yourself, make sure you get your tickets now!

wropes-longPhoto Credit: Fight! Nation

The announced match card is as follows:

Match Card

Josh Bodom vs Jay Lethal


Lethal Lottery Tournament

Team One (??? & ???) vs Team Two (??? & ???)


Lethal Lottery Tournament

Team One (??? & ???) vs Team Three (??? & ???)


Lethal Lottery Tournament

Team Two (??? & ???) vs Team Three (??? & ???)


Lethal Lottery Tournament Final

Winning Team Member #1 vs Winning Team Member #2


Confirmed Lethal Lottey Tournament Participants

Sammy Smooth, Jakey, Brucey, Ryan Smile, Sid Scala & James Castle


Mark Haskins, Marty Scurll, Joel Redman, Jonny Storm & Gunner In Action


More Information

Doors Open: 7.00pm. Bell Time: 7.30pm.

Tickets: Available now through the official Fight! Nation website, here. Also available on the door, on the night (dependent on availability).

Source: Fight! Nation