KAPOW Wrestling ‘Blackest Night’ FULL Results

KAPOW Wrestling

The following results are from KAPOW Wrestling ‘Blackest Night’ at the Acorn Community Centre in Cowplain on April 9th 2016:


Pick Your Poison – Rishi Ghosh Picks The Opponent – Dan ‘The Hammer’ Head defeated Ash Draven by Pinfall.

Karl Atlas defeated Lookachu by Pinfall.

‘The Fightin Irish’ Rhia O’Reilly defeated Erin Angel by Pinfall*.

*Rhia O’Reilly had a hold of Erin Angel’s tights during the winning fall.

Following the match, Erin Angel knocked Rhia O’Reilly to the mat.

Shar-Ku defeated Firefly by Submission.

Six-Man Tag Team – Team KAPOW (Nick Ketchum, El Technico Supremo & Maxx Pepski) defeated The Pack (Maddog & Maugrim) & Steve Luthor by Pinfall.

Following the match, Steve Luthor had Maddog attack Maugrim before firing him.

Pick Your Poison – Dan Head Picks The Opponent – KAPOW Hero-Weight Championship -Rishi Ghosh defeated Lion Kid by Pinfall to retain the KAPOW Hero-Weight Championship.

Following the match, Lookachu and Nick Ketchum attempted to ‘collect’ Lion Kid but their ‘Super Ball’ had no effect on Lion Kid. Ketchum and Lookachu then chose to help Lion Kid from the ring. Rishi Ghosh angered by the focus being taken away from him challenged Lookachu to a match on June 5th which was accepted by Nick Ketchum.


Our thanks to KAPOW Wrestling for the results from the show.

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