Grand Pro Wrestling ‘Only The Strong Survive’ FULL Results


The following results are from Grand Pro Wrestling ‘Only The Strong Survive’ at The Rose Club in Hindley, Wigan on April 1st 2016:


Prior to Nicholas Cartier vs Cyanide, ‘Toxic Terror’ Cyanide attacked Nicholas Cartier as he made his way to the ring. The Circus came to the aid of Cartier to prevent further attack. It was announced that Cyanide would be replacing Soner Dursun in the GPW Tag Team Championship match later in the evening.

‘Magnificent’ Matthew Brookes defeated ‘Bad Lad’ Don Meacho by Pinfall.

GPW Tag Team Championship – Cibernetico* Match – The Hate League (Soner Dursun & Danxig) defeated & Martin Kirby & The Sheikh, Midnight Bin Collection (Ste Bin Mann & Jet Fashion), The Island Brothers (Tabu & Rio), The Circus (Noah & Jack Gallagher) & The Bad Lads (Drill & Mickey Barnes) to retain the GPW Tag Team Championship.

*Elimination Order: Noah eliminated by Cyanide, The Sheikh eliminated by Rio, Drill eliminated by Disqualification, Ste Bin Man eliminated by Danxig, Jet Fashion eliminated by Martin Kirby, Mickey Barnes eliminated by Tabu, Tabu eliminated by Cyanide, Rio eliminated by Cyanide, Martin Kirby eliminated by Jack Gallagher, Cyanide eliminated by Jack Gallagher, Jack Gallagher eliminated by Danxig.

If Ricky J McKenzie Wins, He Enters The Fast Track 4-Way In May – ‘Jumpin’ Jimmy Jackson defeated Ricky J McKenzie by Pinfall*.

*During the match, Matthew Brooks distracted Ricky J McKenzie with his operatic signing which allowed Jimmy Jackson to pick up the win.

Only The Strong Survive – 8-Man Survivor Series* – T-Bone, Bubblegum, Ashton Smith & Chris Ridgeway defeated ‘100% Welsh Beef’ Dylan Roberts, DDL, ‘One Man Riot’ Craig Kollins & Travis Banks

*Elimination Order: Craig Kollins eliminated by Ashton Smith, Ashton Smith eliminated by Travis Banks, Chris Ridgeway eliminated by Dylan Roberts, DDL eliminated by Bubblegum, Travis Banks eliminated by T-Bone, Dylan Roberts eliminated by T-Bone & Bubblegum.


Our thanks to Ben Corrigan (@BenPCorrigan) for the results from the show.


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