SHOW REPORT: Target Wrestling ‘Live @ The Venue’


by Craig Hermit.


Target Wrestling began their two day event starting at The Venue in Carlisle before a fantastic crowd.


Target Wrestling Tag Team Championship Tournament Semi-Final – Havok & Karnage vs Grado & Wild Bill.

As soon as Grado’s music played, The Venue immediately became unglued and the fans had appeared to be set on the thought that the team of Wild Bill and Grado would cruise into the final. However, Havok & Karnage who were booed on their way to the ring earlier were determined to ruin any party plans that the fans and their opposing team had in mind.

From the beginning, Grado had his fun mocking his opponents while maintaining the advantage to keep the fans entertained but all that changed when Wild Bill was tagged in and  Karnage realised that he had to stop the momentum. Wild Bill withstood a viscous assault from Havok and Karnage who both targeted his neck and back resulting in gaining near-falls.

Overpowering his attackers, Wild Bill managed to fight back and bring Grado back into the fray. From there, the two hit Havok with a 3D and almost got the pin until the referee was pulled out the ring by Karnage and Grado followed suit there after but the distraction was too much for Wild Bill as he was rolled up by a recovering Havok to get the pinfall victory in a good opening bout.

Havok & Karnage defeated Grado & Wild Bill by Pinfall to advance to the Target Wrestling Tag Team Championship tournament final.


Rockstar Spud vs Shady Nattrass

Credit: The Press Panda

The TNA star certainly had his hands full with Target Wrestling’s mainstay who would use every trick in the book to unsettle Rockstar Spud from his game plan.

From the beginning of the match a determined Rockstar Spud looked ready to take the fight to Shady Nattrass until his opponent quickly vacated the ring for long spells and even used ring announcer Ryan Devlin as a human shield. His plan succeeded as an impatient Rockstar Spud launched into an attack and Shady Nattrass seized control.

However, Shady Nattrass could only stop the fan favourite for only so long until the more experienced Rockstar Spud would fight back connecting with a fantastic high crossbody from the top turnbuckle and then hitting the Underdog to capture a pinfall victory that drew cheers from the Target Wrestling fans.

Rockstar Spud defeated Shady Nattrass by Pinfall.


Target Wrestling Tag Team Championship Tournament Semi-Final – Red Nation (Alexander Henry & Johnny Khaos) vs The New Nation (Jason Prime & Rampage Brown)

Fans knew from the moment this match was announced it was going to be a rowdy affair and they weren’t disappointed by any means. The first ten minutes all four men barely entered the ring as their brawls saw them fight all over ringside and bring weapons into match such as a guardrail early on.

As the match progressed it looked as The New Nation may have taken the victory as Rampage Brown struck Alexander Hendry with two devastating piledrivers only for Brown to stop the pin himself perhaps intending to inflict more punishment on his opponents.

But the fan favourites had other plans as the fight took to the outside again, and Alexander Henry leaped from the stage onto his opponents to have the crowd in raptures. And the finale saw Rampage Brown accidentally connecting Jason Prime with a big boot then saw himself ejected from the ring leaving Jason Prime to suffer a hanging spike neckbreaker and the pinfall to have the fans cheering for an excellent brawl battle.

And as Red Nation stood appreciating the crowd, Havok and Karnage attempted to sneak attack their Tag Team Championship final counterparts but there onslaught was quickly defeated and they both were thrown back to the floor over the top rope were they would plot their revenge for the next night.

Target Wrestling Tag Team Championship Tournament Semi-Final – Red Nation (Alexander Henry & Johnny Khaos) defeated  The New Nation (Jason Prime & Rampage Brown) by Pinfall to advance to the Target Wrestling Tag Team Championship tournament final.


It was then time for two special announcements from Ryan Devlin.

Firstly, as of next year instead of Target Wrestling having their shows on Friday, they will now be held on a Saturday, the implications will certainly draw in more fans who will want to celebrate the weekend with wrestling.
Secondly, on the 20th February, the House of Hardcore founder and ‘Innovator of Violence’, Tommy Dreamer will be at Target Wrestling. Both announcements drew chants of “Target Wrestling!” and “ECW!”


8-Man Elimination Tag Team – Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo, Mark Coffey, DCT & Coach Trip) vs T-Bone, Bubblegum, Flex Hunter & Ryan Kross

Credit: The Press Panda

Any time you have any member if Polo Promotions in Target Wrestling you know the atmosphere will be chaotic, now what happens when you bring in all four members of said Organisation and have them face four of the Target Wrestling most despised individuals, you get an electric and brilliant match that’s what.

The match started with Mark Coffey facing Ryan Kross and in the early going all members of Polo Promotions had their way with him. But Ryan Kross has proven that despite being outnumbered he would fight the odds as he demonstrated when in honour of the late Eddie Guerrerro he hit ‘The Three Amigos’ to draw cheers of “Eddie!” from the crowd but it wasn’t enough as he would be pinned by Coach Trip.

As all the wrestlers brawled after the pinfall, T-Bone seized the opportunity during the chaos and hit Coach Trip with the helmet at ringside and tied the match three on three after getting the pinfall.

Next, Flex Hunter wanted to make his mark in the match and he was looking dominant until the continuity of Polo Promotions came into play. He became another member of the scoop slam city as Jackie Polo and DCT punished him with several scoop slams and it soon become too much as he was pinned by DCT.

DCT was the next to be eliminated as Team Single showed exactly why they are hated and respected in equal measure in a large part due to their fantastic wrestling ability as they took him out with tombstone and double stomp from the top turnbuckle.

It was two on two and the shocks continued but this one drew boos as the crowd’s hero, Jackie Polo was pinned despite being in control, a distracted referee missed him being hit by a low blow and he was pinned by T-Bone. It was a lone Mark Coffey versus both members of Team Single and the crowd cheered the only member of Polo Promotions fought on.

T-Bone and Bubblegum viscously brutalised Mark Coffey over and over again and the last Polo Promotions member looked to suffering the same fate as his team mates until he capitalised on a miscommunication by his opponents and that allowed him to roll up T-Bone for the pin, but T-Bone was furious and struck with a dangerous tombstone allowing Bubblegum to get a near fall. Mark Coffey wouldn’t be denied a victory as an over confident Bubblegum fell victim to a hard hitting spinning lariat to allow Mark Coffey the victory and he celebrated with the rest of the team in the crowd.

8-Man Elimination: Tag Team – Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo, Mark Coffey, DCT & Coach Trip) defeated  T-Bone, Bubblegum, Flex Hunter & Ryan Kross.


The Coyote Kid vs Spyda

Since The Coyote Kid stepped out to the ring it was clear who the fans were cheering for as they quoted his catchphrase with alarming regularly.

Spyda in the bout demonstrated exactly why he is one of the best technical wrestlers within Target Wrestling. He continued torture the Coyote Kid with a variety of moves  focusing on the back.

But as mentioned the crowd were solidly in the corner of the Coyote Kid and they were ruthless in making their point clear that they wanted him to win. He dared not disappoint them as he did everything he could to put Spyda away despite striking from the top turnbuckle his opponent wouldn’t be beaten that easily, however once The Coyote Kid locked in the claw in the finale, it was defeat for Spyda.

The Coyote Kid defeated Spyda by Pinfall.


Target Wrestling Heavyweight Championship: Medallion’s Rules – Medallion (C) vs ‘Iron Man’ Joe Coffey

Credit: The Press Panda

The crowd was mixed between both men as the crowd could sense this match had the big event feel. Medallion the current Champion had finally granted former Champion Joe Coffey his title shot.

Joe Coffey was on furious form from the beginning of the bout as he irish-whipped the Champion hard into the turnbuckle and connected with his tailored splash in the corner leaving the Champion in retreat.

The fight continued outside the ring,  into the back and then the stage as both men traded the advantage as they fought back into the ring this time with Medallion in control.

However their time in the ring was short lived as they both fought into the crowd with the challenger looking the stronger as he drove the Champion into a wall, connected with a running dropkick and a back adjusting Boston Crab.

Returning to the ring both men gave the fans everything they could to show just how much being Target Wrestling Heavyweight Champion meant to them and it would be Joe Coffey who seized the Medallion’s Medallion then charged, the Champion dodged and the challenger clashed with the turnbuckle, the larger Medallion managed to strike him between the eyes in the recoil and he fell prey to the Champion getting the victory by rollup.

Afterwards in a great show of sportsmanship, Joe Coffey raised the hand of the Champion to cheers from the crowd in a fantastic and explosive main event.

Target Wrestling Heavyweight Championship: Medallion’s Rules – Medallion (C) vs ‘Iron Man’ Joe Coffey defeated by Pinfall to retain the Target Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.