INTERVIEW: ‘The Princess Of Pain’ Viper – September 2015


by Craig Hermit.


Viper is an amazing talent who is a fantastic representative for not just Scottish Wrestling but Wrestling as a whole. This is a sentiment shared by many and anyone who has witnessed a match involving Viper. Everyone can agree she is one of the most incredible women in UK Wrestling as she has worked for many of the top companies around the country such as Scottish Wrestling Alliance, Insane Championship Wrestling, Fierce Females, Preston City Wrestling, Futureshock Wrestling, HXC Wrestling, Alpha Omega Wrestling and more. Going by this list and judging by the impact she has made already, Viper is just getting started. Have a read of what she had to say…


You were trained at the successful Source Wrestling School, a training ground that has also helped talents like Nikki Storm, Joe Coffey and Jackie Polo to name only a few. How did you find the training and who would you say has helped you develop your skills in your time there?

The training at Source Wrestling School can be very difficult but you reap the rewards from it, if you can stick with it. It can be tough, it can be hard but nothing easy gets you anywhere. As you mentioned, the people who came out of it, they are the best names going, not just in Scotland but in Europe at the moment. So anywhere that can produce that kind of name value is definitely the place you want to be trained.

Everybody in that school has helped me, starting off with my trainers Mikey Whiplash, Damian O’Connor, Nikki Storm and Glen Dunbar. Everyone has helped me but it’s not just the trainers that help you along, the difference in Source Wrestling School is that it’s a family and when you go to train there everybody helps everybody. It’s about morale as well as your own development and everybody encourages everybody and everyone helps everyone develop.


You have been wrestling since your début 2008 and professionally since 2009 (SWA (Scottish Wrestling Alliance) the fans have numerous favourite matches and highlights of yourself, what’s yours?

This is going to sound cheesy but this entire year has been a highlight reel for me. I’ve gotten to wrestle so many incredible people and so many names, recently I got to share the ring with Ken Anderson, Angelina Love, Velvet Sky but even the European names like Nikki Storm, Sammi Jayne, Solar, Bete Noire, Debbie Sharp, Lana Austin, T- Bone and facing Toni Storm. It was amazing to capture the Fierce Females Championship in an exhausting twenty women Battle Royale as well.

In Alpha Omega Wrestling in Morecambe, fans there are familiar with you being part of The Referendum what are your thoughts on the fans reaction to The Referendum and to yourself?

I can’t understand why the fans there don’t want to get behind the winning team. The Referendum hasn’t lost a single match in Morecambe and yet they continue to boo and ridicule us. They need to realise their mistakes that although we may have geographical differences, nobody likes to back the losers and that’s all they have done.


Sticking with Alpha Omega, they recently announced that they will be crowning their first Women’s Champion on October 11th at the Winter Gardens in Morecambe, your thoughts?

Quite frankly I think it’s absolutely disgusting that it has taken them this long to recognise a Women’s Champion such as myself. It’s a disgrace when they have a plethora of female talent on their roster and the sooner it’s sorted out the better.

With regards to Women’s Title’s in Wrestling, you have been a vital part of PCW, should they present a Women’s Championship too or would you aim towards another Championship, Cruiserweight perhaps?

The difference with PCW is there isn’t an expansion of their Women’s Division as of yet. With the likes of myself, I’ve been given the opportunity to invade other divisions and now you have said that, maybe in the future, once I’ve a few more wins under my belt in PCW I could towards the Cruiserweight Championship.


In Fierce Females’ last event you captured the Fierce Females Championship and directly afterwards you were betrayed and assaulted by your then best friend, Bete Noire, can you discuss your emotions about this?

Obviously I’m still very confused as to why Beté took the action that she did. I can understand on some sort of level why she felt the need to attack me, I genuinely thought we were closer than that. I’m not willing to go into this as a straight up fight because I don’t want to fight one of my best friend’s. I’m willing to reason with her at this point but clearly from her actions she doesn’t want to be reasoned with.


Credit: David J Wilson Photography

In relation to Fierce Females, their next event will be on the 30th October in Walkabout, bearing in mind their last show was on 29th May, do you feel that with a fan-base as large Fierce Females and events that always provides great entertainment should the shows be more frequent?

Fierce Females is one of the best women’s promotions around, I hope the fans can see it more regularly as it has a wealth of female talent to be seen.


Insane Championship Wrestling has begun it’s own tournament to crown their first Women’s Champion, your thoughts on this?

It’s very exciting to be part of this tournament and it’s an honour considering the calibre of talent involved. I’m actually delighted to have advanced into the next round against Kasey Owens, it was a really hard fought match. I really can’t wait to see who my next opponent will be and push onto hopefully winning that Championship, but I will keep a close eye on the match this Sunday at Spacebaws 3, between Nikki Storm and Layla Rose.


As we have discussed, you have faced some of the very best in your career, but who would have been your dream opponent, past, present or future even?

Mae Young was an amazing wrestler as well as the fabulous Moolah, they both paved the way for women in Wrestling. Bull Nakano is also someone who is an inspiration of mine, she could complete at so many different levels and different styles, she was relentless in the ring.


Credit: David J Wilson Photography

Was there a favourite match you had of hers?

I remember she decimated Alundra Blaze at Summerslam ’94. I was thinking how amazing it was when she hit the top rope moonsault. Also going back to the last question, Bubblegum is a fantastic wrestler, he has proven this with the range of Championships he’s won and to stay with him in a match would be an accomplishment.


In CPW (Caithness Pro Wrestling), you have faced many talents such as Solar, Adam Impact and current CPW Champion, Bobby Roberts but you haven’t faced anyone in the Women’s Division yet, who would you want to face?

I would happily face any one of them. When you look at the women in CPW, you have Aurora who has just won the Regional Highland Championship and that’s an accomplishment beating Eric Arkham who is known to be a devastating character. Kitty Trouble, she has had a rejuvenation lately and seeing that first hand she looks she would give me a hell of a fight in the ring and as for Lily Arkham, she is just an enigma to me.


The response you have received from CPW fan’s have been overwhelmingly positive regarding the impact you have made on the promotion, what would you like to say to those fans?

I just want to thank all of them for their continued support. I absolutely love going up to CPW, they have a fantastic fan-base and they are really interested in what the promotion is doing and it is really heart-warming.


When you were doing the TNA British Boot Camp Auditions, you had two days to prepare for the whole process and anyone that saw it can agree they wanted to see more from you especially after the promo & witnessing your unique wrestling style, what feedback did you receive from fans and wrestlers alike and what did you take from it?

Genuinely hand on my heart, the best experience I’ve had so far. Since I did TNA Boot Camp & it got aired, I’ve barely had a free weekend. I owe TNA a lot of thanks for showcasing me in such a fantastic light, they did me a world of good and I can’t thank them enough for the exposure. They could have chosen to cut it or make me look foolish but they didn’t. I’ve gained the best from it and I don’t think I’d be where I am today if it wasn’t for that experience.


Regarding WWE who have, in last few month’s been focusing on the Women’s/Diva’s Division, what’s your thoughts on what you have seen?

I’ve been watching the matches from NXT and I’m continuously astounded by what they achieve. When I watch them. I think about how I can improve myself, my career and what I can do to get that step further.


*This next question opened a Pandora’s box of opinions as Bobby Roberts and Solar and even myself interjected….*


As your a Disney fan, who would you say would win in a Disney Princess Battle Royale?

I do love Disney. I would want to say Pocahontas but then you have Merida but you know I actually think Nani Pelekai, you know, Lilo’s sister from Lilo & Stitch would Gorrilla Press the others out of the ring.

Honorable mention to Pocahontas and Merida…

Bobby – “Merida, she’s Scottish, she’s part of The Referendum”.
Viper – “Nah, still Nani”.
Bobby – “What about Jessie from Toy Story?”
Viper – “She’s a toy”.
Craig – “Maid Marion from Robin Hood?”
Viper – “Nani and she’s not a Princess”.
Solar – “Neither is Nani!”
Viper – “Lilo is a space Princess, Nani is her sister, so Nani is winning the match okay!”


Lastly where can fans reach you on social media?

Twitter – @missviper91

Facebook – Viper.


Viper’s latest t-shirt, ‘Viper Export’ priced at £15 + P&P is available to purchase now by contacting Viper through her Facebook page.