SHOW PRVIEW: World Association Of Wrestling ‘Trouble At The Talk 3’


by Dan Nash.


Max Peach vs. Mr Williams

Max Peach and Mr Williams clashed at Cromer Carnival a few weeks ago and on that occasion it was Peach who triumphed on behalf of all school kids who feel bullied by their grumpy teachers. But, now that school is back in session, can Mr Williams focus his coffee-fuelled rage and even the score?


Battle Royal for the vacant ECTA Junior Championship – Tony Valentine vs. Darren Sole vs. Sonny Smasher vs. Cletus Foo vs. Mr J White vs. Danny Cattermole vs. Will Batchelor vs. Mat Bray vs. Big Red vs. James Milky O’Hagan vs. TJ Daniels vs. Brad O’Brien vs. Peter Nixon vs. Jaiden Docwra vs. ???

With 14 of the 15 competitors already announced it would be very difficult to choose a winner given the range of skills and sizes that will enter the ring. Could it be the size advantage held by competitors such as Cletus Foo and Big Red which allows them to claim the vacant title? Or will it be the agility of high flyers like TJ Daniels that decides the outcome of this match? Perhaps the as yet unannounced 15th wrestler will have the upper hand in knowing the identities of the remaining competitors.


Falls Count Anywhere, No Disqualification – Roy Knight vs. Tommy and Jimmy Joe Lee

Once best friends who would swear loyalty to each other over all ties, Roy Knight and Tommy Lee seek to finally settle the score in a blood feud which has lasted over half a decade in the ring, and out, as the senior Lee is joined by his son Jimmy Joe in this Falls Count Anywhere, No Disqualification match. It can almost be guaranteed that Lee’s Midas Stable cronies will interfere on behalf of their employer but will anyone step up to help the RQW World Heavyweight Champion? Expect this match to spill over into the crowd and perhaps even further in this monumental match.


8 Team Elimination for the WAW British Tag Team and ECTA Tag Team Championships
Team EWW (Dominator and AWOL) vs. The Essex Boys (Phil Powers and Paul Tyrrell) [WAW] vs. The Battlekats (Battlekat III and PJ Knight) vs. Special Edition (Brad Slayer and Kip Sabian) [ECTA] vs. Midas Security (SAS and Big J Johnson) vs. The Freedom Fighters (Malky Taggart and Scott Edgar) vs. The Bourne Starrs (Joey Ozbourne and Mitchell Starr) vs. Ruffneck and Keegan

The sheer number of bodies which will enter the ring make this match a difficult one to call, but surely the defending champions will have targets on their backs. Equally, the Essex Boys and Special Edition will have extra drive to add to their existing gold by winning the match and taking home two sets of belts. Some of the teams in this match will find their motivation in having the opportunity to win not only their first but also second set of titles, including the new combination of Ruffneck and Keegan serving as a completely unknown quantity. Bodies will fly as every team seeks to establish dominance over the ring until only they remain in this elimination match.


For WAW European Heavyweight Championship – Robin Lekime (c) vs. Jody Fleisch

Robin Lekime had been heading into this event expecting to stare-down his long-time rival Doug Williams while dozens of wrestlers circled the ring to ensure a decisive victory for one of the competitors. Unfortunately Williams was forced to pull out due to scheduling conflicts, but Lekime will still defend his title against the high flying Jody Fleisch. Expect Fleisch to use every move in his arsenal to capture the prestigious European Heavyweight title from the current Belgian champion.


Ricky and Saraya Knight vs. King Kendo and Destiny

An extension of the long standing feud between the Knight Dynasty and Tommy Lee’s Midas Stable pits these two vicious teams against each other in what will definitely be a hard hitting match. Ricky Knight and King Kendo have a long history of trading punches, while Saraya Knight and Destiny have just as long a history of trading championship belts as each Warrior sought to prove their superiority over the other. In Ricky’s recent retirement Kendo’s attention shifted to the Knight matriarch, and even resulted in a match pitting the two very different wrestlers against each other. Though that match ended due to Destiny’s interference, this match will surely end with one team standing tall over the other.


For RQW European Cruiserweight Championship – Alex Young (c) vs. Danny Boy Collins vs. Villman

Alex Young successfully defended his title against Danny Boy Collins at Trouble At The Talk 2 when Collins lost his temper and provoked his own disqualification. Collins subsequently apologised to the fans for this and vowed to challenge for the title again. Later during that event Young turned his back on the Midas Stable by assisting Roy Knight in capturing the RQW World Heavyweight Champion to the horror of his former employer Tommy Lee. Fast forward to Trouble At The Talk 3 and Collins has secured his second opportunity against the champion, while the Midas Stable’s Villman has been put forward in an attempt to reclaim the belt for the group. All three men will surely do everything in their power to walk away from the ring as the champion, and leave their two opponents lying in a heap on the canvas.


For HEW Championship – Sam Knee (c) vs. Hot Stuff

Due to his partner’s entry into the ECTA Junior Championship Battle Royal, Hot Stuff found himself heading into Trouble At The Talk 3 without a match of his own. This led the fan favourite to challenge the villainous Sam Knee to put his HEW title on the line after having beat him in a non-title match. While it may have been foolish for Knee to accept a challenge for his belt from someone who has already proven they can beat him, the added presence of his manageress, Innocence, may alter the balance slightly. However, Hot Stuff will once again be accompanied by his own manageress, Crystal Clear, who may be able to neutralise any factors Innocence may provide the champion.


10 x 3 minute Rounds for the WAW World Heavyweight Championship – Steve Corino (c) vs. Zak Knight

After vowing never to allow Zak Knight a shot at his title following Knight’s deceptively non-title victory at Epic Encounters 11, Steve Corino would never have expected Knight to dominate the competition and go on to win the 40 man rumble at Trouble At The Talk 2, guaranteeing him a title shot and a shot at redemption after having his prize snatched from him just moments after realising his lifelong dream of following in his family’s footsteps and becoming world champion. Will Knight’s determination to claim what should already rightfully be his overpower Corino’s desire to return to the United States with the title still around his waist? Whatever result may eventually transpire, the fans of WAW will certainly throw their support behind Zak Knight as they hope to support him in finally reaching his goal.