INTERVIEW: Felony ‘The Living Dead Girl’ – September 2015


by Craig Hermit.


Felony casts a dark and ominous cloud among the fans whenever she competes in the ring. Her look is unique, her attitude has been described as calculating and consistently leaves her mark whenever and wherever she competes. This is her interview…


Your look and even your entrance music (Rob Zombie – ‘Living Dead Girl’) looks to be influenced by the film the horror movies, Grudge, Slient Hill, who came up with that idea and how has it developed over time?

I get asked where my look and style etc came from a lot and I always enjoy answering that question. It’s all my own creation,  I am heavily inspired by horror because I enjoy it and it’s just what I’m into so for me it’s the most natural path to take.  For example if I was heavily into ballet I’d make myself look like a ballet dancer.
Plus I’ve always enjoyed standing out from the crowd.
I have the bare bones of it down now (no pun intended) but I am still developing my look and style ,  I’ve recently acquired some new grim accessories that will be making appearances very soon.


What inspired you to get into the wrestling industry?

I’ve always been a wrestling fan for as long as I can remember. It never crossed my mind that I could have a go at it myself,  I thought it was an American thing and didn’t really happen over here.  Then 1 day I’m watching and something strikes me, I was so inspired by what I was watching I decided I wanted to have a go. I got on the Internet,  found House of Pain wrestling school and haven’t looked back.


For fans who haven’t seen you, what matches would you recommend or what promotions would you recommend they check out?

If anyone is interested in coming to see me then I would recommend coming to our House of Pain academy shows in and around Nottingham or check out LCW and LCW Elevation in Leicester,  their my main stomping grounds.


You developed your training in House of Pain, why would you recommend that as a place to develop your skills and how did you find the training?

Ive been training at House of Pain for 4 years now. I can’t recommend it highly enough,  it’s a great place to train,  everyone’s really friendly and supportive and Stixx is a great teacher, he has the patience of a saint.
I see some people who wrestling comes naturally to at training but I’m not one of them so I do have to try hard at training but that’s one of the best things about wrestling,  you can totally cater it to your abilities.


Next month you will be making your début in Alpha Omega Wrestling, you thoughts on how the Morecambe faithful will embrace you?

I’m looking forward to Alpha Omega next month, it’s a great set up they’ve got there.
I’m not expecting the fans to embrace me but I’m sure I’ll leave a lasting impression on them.


We discussed that you will be competing in Alpha Omega Wrestling in October, where else can fans see you?

As well as House of Pain and LCW I will also be at Pro Wrestling 4 U in October and December and in Stoke-on-Trent and Full House Wrestling in October and November in Peterborough.


Credit: Brett Hadley Photography

Who would you like to face in the ring in the future and why?

Since I met her back in December at a Rockstar Spud seminar I’ve been wanting to work with Toni Storm, I think our characters would work well together.


Is it true during a six man tag team match at LCW, you sunk your teeth into wrestling legend, Doug Williams?

It is true but it was a mixed tag match , not a 6 man and it was at UK Main Event Wrestling in Kent. We’d
already been disqualified for using a weapon so I thought what the Hell.


Also, can you comment if you were involved in stealing LCW’s promoter John Shipley’s car?

At an LCW show last year Max Angelus took John’s jacket during a segment and the keys were in the pocket so yeah myself, Max and HC Dyer went for a drive.  The footage is about somewhere.


Is the long running Grudge feud between yourself and Georgy Archer in LCW over or do you still have more planned?

No way, I’m not done with her yet.


Where can fans keep up to date with you over social media?

Facebook: Felony – ‘The Living Dead Girl’

Twitter: @Living_Deadgrrl

Instagram: Felony_The_Living_Dead_Girl