Street Fight Main Event Confirmed For Southside Wrestling ‘Ill Manors 2015’ + ‘Day Of Reckoning VII’ Match Card

Southside Wrestling have confirmed a street fight main event for their October 10th show, ‘Ill Manors 2015’ at the Corporation in Sheffield.

It has been announced that ‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero shall face The Righteous Army’s Jimmy Havoc in a Sheffield Street Fight at the Corporation on October 10th at ‘Ill Manors 2015’.

Southside Wrestling announced the match with the following:

At our last main event in Sheffield we saw Tommy End and Mark Haskins go to war around Corporation in a match that was only billed as a feud ender between two men who hated each other. For our return to Sheffield on Saturday the 10th of October our main event promises to be even more chaotic as once more we pit two men with a burning hatred of each other in the ring together, however this time we remove all rules and regulations as the main event of “Ill Manors 2015” is “The Mexican Sensation” El Ligero against the brand new Southside Speed King Champion, and the very man who arguably stole that title from Ligero, “Suicidal, Suicidal, Suicidal” Jimmy Havoc and this time their match will be a STREET FIGHT!!!

El Ligero’s issue with The Righteous Army began at our very first show of the year when his former tag team partner and friend, Kay Lee Ray betrayed Ligero during a tag team match against Joseph Conners and Jimmy Havoc in order to become the latest recruit in Conners army. The very next night, not even teaming with a former TNA World Heavyweight Champion in James Storm could result in El Ligero gaining a victory over Conners and Havoc. On the night that Conners and Havoc became the brand new Southside Tag Team Champions in Camberley, they had defeated Ligero and Stixx earlier in the night. The tides began to turn at our last Sheffield show when Ligero and Robbie X defeated Conners and The Pledge. And whilst Ligero and Stixx may have lost a handicap match to Conners, Havoc and Kay Lee Ray on the afternoon show before Speed King, it was during the main event of Speed King that El Ligero was able to last eliminate Jimmy Havoc and become the new Southside Speed King Champion, his first Championship in Southside after first appearing on our debut show over four and a half years ago.

But that joy was short lived however as Jimmy Havoc demanded revenge and retribution. As he quite rightly pointed out, it was at Speed King that Havoc eliminated four other competitors (Will Ospreay, The Amazing Red, “Flash” Morgan Webster and Robbie X) before Ligero pinned him to win the match. At our last Nottingham show, Havoc and Kay Lee Ray managed to defeat Ligero and Nixon Newell in the afternoon, a match that had grave consequences for the evenings Speed King title match between the two as due to the result of that victory, Ligero’s finishing move, the C4L was banned from being used during his title defense. Without the use of the C4L and with heavily interference from The Righteous Army, El Ligero’s reign as Southside Speed King Champion came to an end in his third defense as not even “The Mexican Sensation” could survive such odds. Jimmy Havoc was not done there however as after the match he went to introduce a ladder to the mix, but was stopped in his tracks by Nixon Newell. It was then that Nixon challenged Havoc and Kay Lee Ray to a DOUBLE LADDER MATCH in which both the Speed King and Queen Of Southside title belts will be hung above the ring on Saturday the 24th of October and both belts will be brought down individually.

Just two weeks before our huge Fifth Year Anniversary show, Sheffield is our last stop before Stevenage so every win and loss matters so much more the show before our annual extravaganza show. This match between El Ligero and Jimmy Havoc has become so deep and personal that with the Speed King title on the line just two weeks later, Southside management has made the decision that the Speed King belt is NOT on the line in Sheffield. However what is on the line is pride, dignity and redemption. What is on the line is the opportunity to tear their opponent limb from limb in a match with absolutely no rules to attempt to ensure their enemy will not even make it to Stevenage let alone be able to climb a ladder. El Ligero. Jimmy Havoc. STREET FIGHT. This one could get messy so front row beware!


Credit: Southside Wrestling

The announced match card is as follows:

Day Of Reckoning VII Match Card

‘The Scililian Psychopath’ Tommaso Ciampa vs ‘Suicidal’ Jimmy Havoc


JTG, Will Ospreay, Kasey Owens, Mark Haskins & Flash Morgan Webster Confirmed To Appear.


Ill Manors 2015 Match Card

Sheffield Street Fight

‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero vs ‘Suicidal’ Jimmy Havoc


‘Flash’ Morgan Webster vs ‘The Sicilian Psychopath’ Tommaso Ciampa


Kasey Owens vs Toni Storm


JTG, Tommaso Ciampa, Will Ospreay, Kasey Owens, Mark Haskins, Jimmy Havoc & Kris Travis Confirmed To Appear.


More Information

‘Day Of Reckoning VII’ Doors Open: 1.00pm. Bell Time: 2.00pm.

‘Ill Manors 2015’ Doors Open: 6.00pm. Bell Time: 7.00pm.

Tickets: Available now through the official Southside Wrestling website, here. Also available on the door, on the night (dependent on availability).

Source: Southside Wrestling