On The Road With ‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero: A Festival, A Nightclubs & A Circus!

Back with another bumper edition of my daft travels this week! There was no article last week, on account of the fact that I was trekking through a field to go wrestle in front of 3,000 metalheads, who had a desire to throw things at me.

Credit: Progress Wrestling

That’s because last Wednesday and Thursday, I was in action for Progress at Download Festival. Not only that, but these would be my first two singles outing under my new darker persona, and it would be front of a huge crowd of mostly non-wrestling fans! The term ‘in at the deep end’ comes to mind. However, through consistent violence, acting like a prick and masterbating a cricket bat (don’t ask), I felt I ended up doing a pretty decent job in unexplored waters, even resulting in having a few things thrown at me! My opponents, James Davis of the London Riots and former Faceless member Damon Moser, were both first time opponents and I felt good chemistry with both. It was a new challenge for all 3 of us in some ways, and one I felt we rose to.

Luckily for me, Download was only 90 minutes from my house, so I drove down there both nights. I’d camped last year when the promotion ran shows at Sonisphere, and as amazing as the atmosphere at the shows were, fuck ever camping again! I hate it. To be back in my own bed afterwards was amazing, knowing the other option was laid in a field somewhere not getting any sleep. Seriously though, fuck camping.

Last Friday, I made my debut for a local promotion, EBW based in Rotherham. I took on their mid-card champion Sam Goodison in a venue I used to wrestle in years ago for a long-since departed promotion Shooting Star Wrestling. Not a sell-out crowd, but still pretty decent and working with Goodison was a good experience. Still fairly new to the business, you can already tell he’s a reliable mechanic and once he picks up the personality aspect of the job, I think he’ll turn some heads. The crowd were tough going at times, but in the length of the 19 minute match we had, I felt we worked extremely hard and eventually pulled them round. It’s also nice to go to promotions where the newer guys actively ask you to watch their match and give them advice. Good night overall.

Credit: Danielle Overend-Hogg Photography

After taking a training seminar for MegaSlam Wrestling on the Saturday, it was off up to Newcastle on the Sunday for Tidal’s latest show. The event, Crimson Tyne, took place in a nightclub and drew a smallish but intimate and enthusiastic crowd. Wrestling Mark Coffey for only the 2nd ever time was a blast, as we tried throwing each other into the Tyne River outside, I came off the bar with a Hurricanrana and he lit me up with all manner of hard-hitting strikes. Really enjoyed this, Mark and his brother Joe are brilliant at what they do. No complaints about this event whatsoever, I had a mega fun evening!

And finally, after wrestling at a festival, a nightclub and a normal wrestling venue, I finished off the week in a circus! This past Tuesday night, MegaSlam presented a show at Mr Flipp’s Wonder Circus a glorious 9 miles from my house! A really good laugh this, wrestled Bully Boy Carter in the opener and then got to sit back and watch the rest of the show, which was great as I got to see students of mine, Liam Lazarus, David Graves and Toxic Jack all give good accounts of themselves. Again, not a huge crowd, but one that was very up for some entertainment! Even JC Thunder bought a ticket. Definitely glad I did this, as I’d never wrestled at a circus before, another bizarre thing to tick off the list!


Where You Can See ‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero In Action This Week

June 19th – Grand Pro Wrestling: A Night To Remember 2015. GPW British Championship: El Ligero (c) vs T-Bone. The Rose Club, Hindley, Wigan.
June 20th – PAID Promotions: All Or Nothing. Loser Leaves Morecambe: El Ligero vs Chris Ridgeway. Winter Gardens, Morecambe.
June 21st – Kamikaze Pro: 2nd Anniversary Show/ Southside Speed King Championship: El Ligero (c) vs ‘The Villain’ Marty Scurll. Meadway Sports & Social Club, Birmingham.


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