INTERVIEW: Caithness Pro Wrestling – June 2015

by Craig Hermit.


I recently caught up with David Hobbs, Owner and Head Trainer of Caithness Pro Wrestling that operates in the North of Scotland.

And this is what he had to say…


Firstly, I want to say congratulations on your CPW event, Breaking Point in Thurso, that has been well received and even now many of CPW fans have been talking about how good it was. For fans who hadn’t the chance to go, what happened?

“Thank you very much. Breaking Point was a huge success, and its down to the fans. We had a very eventful night. From Highland Regional Champion Eric Arkham coming off his meds and his mysterious female friend appearing. To Harry Havoc and Kitty Trouble getting on the wrong side of Stone Cold Bobby Roberts in a drinking contest. The end of the Sons Of Solomon and the ushering in of a new era as Bobby Roberts captured the CPW Undisputed Championship!”


Credit: Ferguson Studios

You mentioned Bobby Roberts capturing the CPW Championship, how important is it to have someone of that experience and his connection with the fans to be spearheading your company?

“Bobby Roberts brings so much to the Caithness Pro Wrestling brand. He has an instant connection to our fans and a lot of the wrestlers on our roster. He’s an absolute professional and his ability in the ring shows. He’s highly entertaining and a big loveable guy, but never underestimate him in the ring, a mistake that Solomon made. He’s shown why he deserves to be The CPW Undisputed Champion.”


Going back in the beginning of CPW, There is strong interest in wrestling from fans there as demonstrated by showings at Rock n Wrestle and Wrestlezone, how, when did it start? And is there obstacles have you overcame so far?

“Caithness Pro Wrestling started officially last year, but training and recruitment had begun a year before that. Being so far north in a heavily rural area with limited resources and at the time no official support was given, it was an enormous task to get it where it is today. Caithness Pro Wrestling is here because of its unique roster and local die-hard fans. The roster are unique in the sense that they are all locals  who trained hard to get to these early stages and stuck with CPW through training venue changes, financial crisis and more. We don’t have any other schools or active professionals in our area. Everything about Caithness Pro Wrestling is different because we scratched clawed and fought our way to get it to where it is now.  Its here because over time we have had support from not only fans but local companies. Ferguson Studios gave us photography and media capabilities. Our proud sponsors DayTripper Print and Design are based in Aberdeen and they have given us some great merch! We are growing slowly and its an exciting time.”


Not just running events, CPW has also began to run training sessions?

“Yes we hold training two times a week, Sunday and Tuesday. 16ft ring up all day and a growing gym. We are extremely lucky to have the space to grow so we can continue to better the company.”


Credit: Warrior Fight Photography

You have had current Fierce Females Champion, Viper, a woman who has a wealth of experience & wrestled across the UK, perform in CPW this year, what aspects did she bring to the show, even the company?

“It was a massive honour to have Viper up and witness what she does best. Kick ass. I am personally a huge supporter of female wrestling and Viper was always one of my favourites. When i found out we had interest from Bobby Roberts and Viper, i couldn’t believe it. Viper has so much knowledge and skill i could rant on for paragraphs, but i reckon if anyone knows not just Scottish wrestling, but British wrestling, they know what viper brings to every match and show. power, dominance, skill, femininity, and more! Congratulations on the Title win from all of us at Caithness Pro Wrestling!”


The CPW Roster boasts a wealth of young and new talent in Scotland including Lad Chapman and many more, who should fans be watching out for?

“All of the CPW roster are working hard. I think at Breaking Point we saw in the main event that Lad Chapman and former Champion Solomon are up and comers in this business, but many more are catching up. Adam Impact, Lex Carver, Aurora, Kitty Trouble, Big Bob and so many more are rising. Its because of the entire CPW roster that the company is where its at today, and with more names from Scottish and UK wrestling to come and with Bobby Roberts as our Champion, we feel even more determined to grow and better ourselves.”


Scottish Wrestling is in a boom period at the moment, shows selling out and events drawing record numbers, what is your opinion on this and why do you think this has occurred?

“I think Scottish wrestling is having a boom period due to many factors. Obviously fans of WWE have been let down by the PG era, and social media has evolved wrestling’s exposure. So its easier to find alternatives and there are many alternatives. I could try and explain it, but honestly I would be lying if i said i knew why. But what I can tell you is that Scotland now holds and grows some of the best wrestling talent in the world.”


Caithness Pro Wrestling’s last event, ‘Breaking Point’.


After the show in May, what’s next for CPW, when is the next event, and where is it going to be held?

“Well CPW has signed up for Relay for Life, for cancer research. The next show is a charity event to help raise money. We will be in Wick on 22nd August and it will be a very special event, which we will announce fully soon!”


And finally, where can fans catch regular updates and even your new website from CPW?

“You can keep up to date with Caithness Pro Wrestling by checking out our Facebook page, and our website will be coming soon!”

*Our thanks to David Hobb at Caithness Pro Wrestling for his time in conducting the interview. Additional thanks go to Craig Hermit for contributing the interview to the Wrestle Ropes website.