INTERVIEW: Stevie Boy – May 2015

Credit: Warrior Fight Photography

by Craig Hermit.


Stevie Boy. A name in Insane Championship Wrestling that was synonymous with the long running tag team, The Buckie Boys…that was until earlier this month when he united with the destructive N.A.K and ruthlessly turned on his tag team partner, Davey Boy to send the ICW fans into a mixture of delight and disbelief.
But there is much, much more to the man than the success and chaos that he has achieved and been involved in at ICW. At PBW, he has fought his way to become, PBW King of Cruisers Champion in 2011 and is the current PBW & BCW Tag Team Champion alongside BT. Gunn to form the magnificent, Just Uz.
His in ring talent is up there with the very best in the U.K, regardless if it is a mat-based offensive or flying from the top turnbuckle to dazzle the crowd and gaining the advantage. It’s safe to say that as the current ICW Zero-G Champion and with a reputation as one of Scotland’s best talents around, the U.K wrestling scene is in for and interesting future.


Starting off with the traditional question, people who have gone on to become wrestlers have often been inspired by a match or event that they saw on screen, was this the same for yourself? If so, what was it that got you into the industry?

“I remember sitting on the couch when I was a kid one Saturday morning and flicking to sky one. The first thing a remember was seeing Austin hitting the Lou Thesz press. I dunno what it was, maybe the crowd reaction? But something in that moment caught me. That was it, I was hooked from then on.”


You started your training with SWA, how did you find the training and who has there been to help/develop your training during that time?

“Yeah, I started with SWA in late 2005/2006 when I was 13. Back in the days when Big Damo, Chris Renfrew, Bt Gunn and people of that nature where training… turns out I’m not as fresh faced as people think I am lol. SWA opened their Area 52 training school just 5 minutes from my house, so I thought why not? In all honesty, it was a great experience! I loved it. Everyone was so welcoming and would take the time to help and show me some “tricks of the trade” but when I think on people who helped me the most it would be the Kliq… See it’s not just an ICW thing, the Kliq go way back! So I trained there for about 5 year’s but by the end of my time there most people I started with were moving on and I was still in the same place. I don’t know if this was because of my age or something else, but I decided to make a move to Kid Fite’s (Ross Watson) School at the PBW Academy in Barhead and my career just grew and grew from there.”


Stevie Boy vs Kenny Williams in Sheffield. Credit: David J Wilson Photography

For fans who haven’t seen your matches, what ones would you recommend for them to check out? My personal favourite, earlier this year, BCW Triple Threat match Kid Fite vs BT Gunn vs yourself.

“I do remember that being a fun match! One I’d be happy for people to be able to watch back! Some of the others would be.. the tag match from no blood night one in December just there with BT and myself vs Kenny Williams and Davie Blaze, the four way the night after with Paul London, Kenny, Bt and me, Kenny Williams vs myself from Sheffield with ICW on their last tour, BT Gunn vs myself from Dundee on the tour before and any of the Bucky Boys vs the Sumerian Death Squad stuff along with the Buckys vs NAK stuff. All a not bad watch in my opinion. 🙂 “


With BT Gunn, you have achieved amazing success in PBW, capturing the Tag Team Championships also during that time being involved in stirling matches, my favourite, another triple threat involving The Hunter Brothers vs Team Zero One last year, what’s next for yourselves?

“It’s been amazing! Getting to tag with my bro has been some of the best times in my career! We held the PBW tag titles For 18 months and won the BCW titles about the same time and are still the championiees!! That three way tag was a weird one lol. Let me explain.. There was very little planning in that match and was just sort of thrown together. Myself and BT got to the venue about an hour before doors, that’s when we first met Team Zero One from Japan. We could tell straight away this was going to be difficult as only one of them spoke English lol so that was a tough one. Then the hunter brothers got there just before the first match… Bearing in mind we were second on the card! So there was very little we could plan and had to just sorta go with the flow. I remember walking away from that thinking I wish I could do that again and put some more into it, then I seen the reviews and was sorta shocked lol. But with regards to what’s next, I think we both just want to take it on the road at this point to be honest. We’ve done what there is to do in Scotland now, we want new and bigger challenges. We have spoke over some long term goals in what we would like to accomplish but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.”


In ICW, you managed to seize the Zero-G Championship during their successful UK tour, what does it mean to you by capturing it and knowing that Noam Dar & Kenny Williams are gunning for you?

“Can’t F***ing wait!!!! This is what I’ve been waiting for man! Time to show everyone what I can do and there’s no better guys to do it with! Me and Kenny love to work each other and after the Sheffield show I mentioned up there^^^^^ we both agreed its something we want to do a lot more.
Noam is another guy I love to get in there with! Always walk away happy from those matches!! Not had the chance to do it in a while or in an ICW environment, but I like the idea of it more and more.”


Stevie Boy joins the NAK. Credit: David J Wilson Photography

Many ICW fans are wanting to know, after so many years teaming with Davey Blaze forming The Bucky Boys and capturing the ICW Tag Team Championships with him, you decimated him with the Canadian Destroyer then joined forces with The NAK, your thoughts on this and why?

“You’ll find out along with every one else….”


Joining with NAK, who has a combination now of 20 ICW awards, 5 ICW Tag Team Championships, 2 Zero-G Title Reigns, 2 ICW Heavyweight Reigns and the First & Current Fierce Females Champion, my question, is anyone is ICW safe?

“I don’t know… Are they?!”


ICW has gained a spectacular amount of notoriety for the right reasons last year and this year, with Insane Fight Club, ICW on Demand and even computer games launching end of this year, why do you think this has occurred?

“You know what? I really don’t know man. I’ll be honest, I’ve sat back and thought about this hundreds of times and I can’t come up with an answer. I mean yeah we have some of the best talent in the UK/world now, but I think at the start it was a combination of being something different and being in the right place at the right time. I mean the way the Glasgow crowed took to what we where doing I think blew us all away! Then it was just a case of they tell their friends and so on. But I can openly say getting this far has taken me by surprise.”


Last year, you were involved in matches in Tidal Wrestling and Target Wrestling with fans in England be seeing more of you this year?

“Also Southside but yeah, along with the ICW tours and another couple of company’s added to the diary for this year I’d like to think they will be seeing a bit more of me.”


Many wrestling fans including myself have saw an amazing wrestling renaissance with fans flocking to Scottish Wrestling shows, your thoughts on this and the new generation of wrestlers, to name a few – Yourself, Noam Dar, Davie Blaze, Kenny Williams, Lou King Sharp that fans are starting to see and taking more of interest in?

“The future’s bright lol. Wrestling is like music! In that its never going to stop growing and developing. But judging from the guys coming up just now and what I’ve seen from some of the training schools in Scotland I think the seen is in safe hands.”


Credit: David J Wilson Photography

Your thoughts on the current state of wrestling, you have mentioned the new stars of the future that the fans can look forward to see, but your thoughts on the ‘boom period’ that wrestling is currently enjoying and how it has occurred?

“With regards to the ‘Boom Period’ It’s hard to put your finger on. You could say it’s the over 18s environment but then again, even family shows are ‘booming’. I think it’s just cycles. Like the Attitude era redefined wrestling! After that wrestling sorta got thrown on the back burner while sports like MMA and things took centre stage. Now you have companies like ROH, New Japan, PWG and others again changing the game. Even WWE shows are becoming more indy orientated with the stars like of Pack, Kevin Steen, El Generico, Devitt and others becoming more constant. People are starting to fall in love with it again because its changed.”


And as the last question, where can fans reach you on social media and what future event’s will you be wrestling in?

“If you want to keep up with my top banter and what’s new give me a follow on Facebook: Stevie Boy Xavier
Twitter: @stevieboyxavier
Instagram: @StevieBhoy15

Peace out!!”