On The Road With ‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero: Heroes, HOPE, Elite, Southside & Monkey Madness!

A couple of mid-week shows to cover this time around, as well as the usual weekend shenanigans. First up was last Wednesday, as I had a MASSIVE 4 mile drive to the debut show for Pro Wrestling Heroes in Leeds. Life on the road eh? I had the pleasure of opening up the show, as Martin Kirby continued his reign of terror as the world’s most beloved dickhead, even encouraging a couple of children in the crowd to admit that I was rubbish and that they hated me. The fiend! First singles match with Kirby since the brutal Steel Cage Match in Southside in 2013, this one had a slightly different feel to that epic. Fun opening match stuff, and as an added bonus, my parents got to be in the crowd for one of my matches for the first time in forever. Due to ill health and me never working close to home, they never get to see me wrestle, so this was a really nice moment for me, even more so stepping into the ring with someone I have so much history with. Great card for PWH too, so hopefully it won’t be too long before Issue Two gets announced.

Credit: HOPE Wrestling/Brett Hadley Photography

On the Friday, HOPE debuted in Burton, and although they only drew a small crowd (which is definitely the exception for that promotion these days as they pack out Mansfield and Derby), I had a blast wrestling former ROH and TNA star Jigsaw for the first time! It’s weird, I’d only ever met him once before PWH, on an early 2013 SWE show, but since then, he, Kirby and I have bonded on Twitter about energy drinks and now we’re best mates! The small crowd was extremely vocal for this, and I honestly couldn’t have nicer things to say about it. Fingers crossed a rematch is lined up in the future.

Saturday saw the long drive up to Ayr, Scotland as myself, Kirby, Joey Hayes and Kenny Williams clashed in one of those ‘make sure you get your highlights in’ 4-Way Matches at PWE Road To Revolution. I keep harping on about Williams to people, as he’s one of the hottest (not in that way…..although…..) young prospects to come out of Scotland for a while, and obviously Kirby and Hayes are 2 of the finest on Europe. I was also there. This came off really well, and huge credit goes to Pro Wrestling Elite for drawing a huge crowd to the Citadel Leisure Centre. Even bigger credit goes to Grado for a) busting out a cartwheel into a HEADSCISSORS!! and b) managing to somehow get ridiculously spiked on a Cutter from Andy Wild. Champion there isn’t he, so busting out all the dangerous shit!

Credit: Southside Wrestling/Brett Hadley Photography

The next morning, I awoke extremely early in Ayr and drove straight down to Sheffield with Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian in tow. They were in the car I mean, I didn’t just pull them behind me on a sledge. Southside were running the city for the third time, the first being in a theatre, the second in a nightclub, and this time in a…..abandoned building? Well, the Facebook check-in said I was in Corporation Nightclub, but it actually looked like the most broken down derelict building ever. And you know what? They packed it out, and the atmosphere was awesome!! My feud with the Righteous Army progressed as Robbie X and I grabbed a victory over Joseph Connors and The Pledge in a bloody and violent fight that went all over the building, and the first in-ring confrontation between Kay Lee Ray and I took place, ever since she turned on me. This feud is really heating up and seems to be grabbing people’s attention, with May 30th lined up to be the Speed King tournament AND KLR finally giving her explanation as to why she turned.

And lastly, last night was the debut of Monkey Madness Wrestling! Oh you better believe it was! Admittedly, MMW did draw a small crowd to a WMC in York, but you couldn’t fault the effort by either the crowd or all the wrestlers and involved. Everybody strived to entertain, including Stixx and I, who destroyed the building in our No DQ main event, which featured a brawl into the women’s toilets, the action spilling outside into the car park (with me throwing Stixx into Dan James’ car) and me lobbing a series of books at him. It featured run-ins a plenty and about a billion Superkicks. Oh, and we both wrestled in jeans. Plus, the show had lots of inflatable monkeys everywhere. What’s not to love?!? Roll on the next show!!!


Where You Can See ‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero In Action This Week

May 15th – HOPE Wrestling: Evolution 22 ‘I Shot A Man In Reno…..Just To Watch Him Die’. El Ligero vs Joseph Connors. Forest Town Arena, Mansfield.

May 16th – Climax Wrestling: ‘Until Summin’ Breaks’. Six-Way Handcuffed Elimination: El Ligero vs Martin Kirby vs Noam Dar vs Pastor William Eaver vs Mark Hendry vs Scott Star. Wanstead High School, London.


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