Preston City Wrestling ‘5upershow’ Show Three FULL Results

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The following results are from Preston City Wrestling ‘5upershow’ Show Three at Evoque in Preston on April 25th 2015:


The show began with Friends With Benefits, Jeff Jarrett & Eric Bischoff in the ring. They began to address the events when Bubblegum left Lionheart a bloody mess in the ring. Lionheart came out and said he was only interested in Jeff Jarrett and wanted a match with him. Friends With Benefits countered with an offer of an 10-man tag team match. Lionheart accepts on one condition. If Friends With Benefits wins, Lionheart will join them. If his team wins, each man on the team gets any match they want.

The Hunter Brothers (Lee & Jim Hunter) defeated So Scandalous (Ryan Smile & Damian Dunne) by Pinfall.

Sha Samuels defeated Charlie Garrett by Submission.

El Ligero defeated Pete Dunne by Pinfall.

Prior to Maria Kanellis vs April Davids, Joey Hayes came to the ring and told Maria that he had seen she had been giving him the eye and he was now in love with her. He presented her with chocolates and big lolly but she was unimpressed.The Kingdom then offered to give Hayes the chance to wrestle Maria, if he could find a partner. Joey Hayes called out Martin Kirby.

Six-Person Tag Team – Joey Hayes, Martin Kirby & April Davids defeated The Kingdom (Michael Bennett & Matt Taven) & Maria Kanellis by Pinfall.

Dean Allmark defeated Juventud Guerrera by Pinfall.

Rob Van Dam defeated Noam Dar by Pinfall.

10-Man Tag Team – Lionheart, The Hooligans (Roy & Zak Knight), Dave Mastiff & Dave Rayne defeated Friends With Benefits (Chris Masters, Bubblegum, Team Single (Rampage Brown & T-Bone)) & Jeff Jarrett by Pinfall.

Following the match, Dave Rayne chose a match with Joanna Rose, Dave Mastiff chose Sha Samuels, The Holligans chose a PCW Tag Team Championship TLC match with Team Single and Lionheart chose a match with AJ Styles.


Our thanks to Dr Debonair, Esq for the results from the show.


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