INTERVIEW: Layla Rose – February 2015

Credit: Warrior Fight Photography

by Flick Between The Ropes.


Let’s start with the usual introduction. If you can back as far as you can remember, what sparked/inspired you to pursue professional wrestling? How did Layla Rose rise?

“I watched wrestling since I was a kid, and I always thought it needed someone who is different than all the others. So I went to my first training at WAR (Switzerland) and since then I started my career.”


Credit: David J Wilson Photography

You were trained by Joe E Legend and Marshal T, what is about their training styles/guidance that has genuinely made an impact on your career?

“Thomas taught me all the basics in Wrestling and I had my first match at his show. He always supported me. Joe has a big influence on my wrestling style and he taught me all kind of techniques and what it takes to be a Wrestler. He also gave me a lot of advice and if I have any questions I can go to him.”


Since late 2014, you’ve made a firm establishment in Scotland by débuting for promotions such as Insane Championship Wrestling, Fierce Females, etc. Based on your experience, what stands out most about Scotland?

“For me, their wrestling style Its for me, a new opportunity to face all these British styles of Wrestlers and it is good so I can learn from them. ICW is the biggest promotion at the moment in my eyes, the crowd is INSANE. I think they weren’t prepared to see someone like me at Spacebaws 4. Fierce Females is the best female Promotion next to WAW. It’s good to see that here in Glasgow, Female Wrestlers have the chance to prove their potential and FF have some of the best female wrestlers in their roster. The rise of Insane Championship Wrestling is a hot subject of televised documentaries at the moment.”


Credit: David J Wilson Photography

If you look back on your matches and memories of your wrestling career, and would document anyone of them, to paint the best picture of you, what would you include? It can be more than one! 

“All the hard work, what fans cant see, trainings, being on the road and backstage life. Btw you can watch some of my matches at ICW on Demand.”


I am sure you get asked a lot of the time to compare the British scene to that of your home Country. If it’s true, do you ever get fed up of this question?

“Aaah that a question I always have to answer…. British and Swiss scene, easiest way to compare, Swiss people still have no clue that we have a wrestling scene in Switzerland. UK is well known as a wrestling country. In January, you participated in Team Carmel at the Fierce Females show Runaway Rumble with four fellow wrestlers.”


Let’s imagine that Team Layla is rising and you’re in charge. How would it shape? Who would you have in it and why? A team Layla?

“I only was in that team cause I had to.. I prefer to wrestle alone, I don’t need a team to win. It came to my thoughts that many females struggled to gain equal respect in the wrestling industry, now I feel the barriers are melting away!”


Credit: David J Wilson Photography

Do you agree with this? Did you have to overcome any barriers in your career as a female?

“I never had to struggle with it because I am not one of these Barbies. In your opinion, what do you think it is that forces people to get an early concept of women not taking wrestling seriously? Well if you see a woman in bra and hot pants, do you really think at the first moment oh that most be a wrestler? I don’t think so either. I don’t say they cant wrestle but they make themselves an object. Many of these female wrestlers are actually good wrestlers, but some in the crowd don’t see that cause all the see is a half naked woman. In wrestling, it’s all about looks ,wrestling and attitude. BUT that’s why I have my look, I don’t need to walk around half naked to get the reaction of the crowd.”


And finally to end, its a new year and you’ve got new Barbies to break. Are there any particular ones you’ve got your sights on this year? To either settle a score or to seek a new rivalry?

“I don’t have an opponent in mind but I accept every challenge. Carmel Jacobs, April Davids, Liberty, Sweet Saraya, Alpha Female, Kay Lee Ray, The Owen Twins,Viper and so on.. Facing new Barbies in new Promotions this year, let’s see who is next.”


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Our thanks to Flick Between The Ropes for contributing this review to the Wrestle Ropes website and to Layla Rose for her time. Check out the Flick Between The Ropes Facebook page.

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