INTERVIEW: Chris Ridgeway – February 2015

by Craig Hermit.


Everyone has that “moment’ when they saw an event or a wrestler that inspired them to become interested in being a Professional Wrestler, what or who was yours?

“There was no specific moment really. I’ve always watched since I can remember to be honest, there are wrestlers that will always stand out of course, the guys I wanted to watch the most ie Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, The Hardy boys(z), Chris Benoit (Quick, someone do a shit Stevie Richards joke) all them mid carder guys. Always have preferred the Junior Heavyweight style and I think that shows when I’m in the ring. The most memorable ‘moment’ would probably be the 2001 royal rumble when HHH battered Stone Cold and he was bleeding everywhere. For a 7/8 year old, that’s a really harrowing memory to have. Also, Billy Gunn’s fire when he comes out at number 28. Yup.”


Credit: Marc Lungley

You’ve trained in the John Moss wrestling school and XWA now Paid Promotions, how did you find the experience and what advice would you give to wrestling fans hoping to start training?

“I started off being trained by John Moss, yeah. If there is anyone to teach the basics to someone, its him. Class act and a fantastic wrestler. If you’re going to start training I’d STRONGLY recommend joining a gym. Its not all about being aesthetically pleasing but you must have good cardio at least. You have to be able to hit them ropes, take big bumps throughout a match and have the ability to keep going and going so you need to be well conditioned. I’d also recommend a healthy diet (Don’t go cold turkey on snickers though). A reputable training school too. John Moss is someone I’d recommend of course but there’s plenty all over the UK. Finally, don’t be half arsed about it when you’re training, you’ll hurt yourself or someone else so make sure that wrestling is for you. There’s no shame in trying and it not being right for you but even as a fan you can always still be a part of wrestling.”


You have been trained by some of the most experienced wrestlers in the business with the likes of Johnny Moss, Robbie Brookside, Johnny Phere and former PCW Heavyweight Champion, Chris Masters, to name a few, how do incorporate and adapt the different styles into your wrestling? And how important is it to have a variety of trainers in the industry?

“Very true! Good research. Its important to attend various seminars and pick other wrestlers brains backstage (I always pester Bubblegum, Damian Dunne, Joey Hayes, Dave Mastiff etc etc for advice and feedback and it makes me up my game a lot) and get opinions from other people so you don’t become a carbon copy of whoever trained you. That’s exactly what I do and will continue to do and I’ll always try new things to better myself if it is necessary. Even in 10 years time I’ll do the same.”


Your début came in G-Ring Promotions against Kris Travis, in 2012, who while still young at that time, was an established star, how did it feel being against him, and what did you learn from him?

“Oh this. I was awful. Absolutely awful. He was great as always but it made me realise how awful I was and how good I had to get to be on his level. It changed me for the better so I’m glad I was chucked in at the deep end. Ever since then me and Kris have stayed in contact and became good friends, he helped me out a lot since then and always supports me. We had another match last year which was so much better and he told me he loved it. (Link to follow).”


Credit: Studio8online

On the 13th February in KnockOut Wrestling, you triumphed over your returning long time friend, Nightmare, to cement your place as the longest reigning KOW Champion of all time, your thoughts on this, and the faith the company has placed on you?

“I just want to start by saying I love KOW (I, along with a couple friends have it tattooed on our skin). I’ve been a part of it since day one and I’m super proud of how well it comes across. They sell out every show now so that in itself shows how good the product is. So to be the longest reigning champion is an honour. Its my home company after all. The booking people always have great ideas that are fresh and are always thinking of ways to evolve the product itself. I’m not going to name specifics but watch this space!”


One of my personal favourite moments in KO Wrestling was the moment you joined with Taylor West to form the Triad in November to close a fantastic show, how did feel to join with West, and this impact this had on your career?

“Well it established me and Taylor West as two of the most cunning guys in the company that’s for sure. Nobody can say they saw that coming. If they did, they’d by lying. With it being Myself, Taylor West, Damian Dunne and the latest edition of Chris Brookes, its now even more badass.”


Credit: Tony Knox

You recently you faced El Ligero at Paid Promotions in an excellent match that could have gone either way, during the aftermath it was clear it wasn’t over, could fans be seeing a new rivalry develop?

“Glad you enjoyed it. No it is not over, not by a long shot. I get told time and time again I’m having great matches at PAID but its not really good enough if I’m not winning. He’s THE guy in this country so I need to prove that I can beat him before I even think of taking my attention anywhere else. You can expect a lot more from what you’ve already seen in this rivalry and its barely begun.”


Fans have mentioned that your an all-rounder style of wrestler, able to perform technical wrestling as well as incorporating high flying manoeuvres in your matches, is this a fair assessment? Your thoughts?

“It’s funny because I very rarely use “high flying manoeuvres”. I guess if you’re a junior heavyweight, people assume you do. I mean, I’d like to do more but there has never really been a “right time” to do so, yet. I do like to be more technical though and I really enjoy throwing people around a lot too. I try to make sure I stay true to the British style. I love the physical mat wrestling side of things the most to be honest. It’s very technical and it’s what I’m probably best at. Also chops. I like to chop. I’d like to think I was an all rounder and able to incorporate my own style and use it with any opponent I have, hopefully that is something that shows and keeps me fresh/keeps the fans entertained.”


Fans have seen you perform in, Paid Promotions, Shropshire Wrestling Alliance, Pro Wrestling Kingdom and a lot more during 2014, will we be seeing you in Scotland in 2015? And what can we hope to be expecting from you throughout the year?

“Well the furthest north I’ve been is Target wrestling. I haven’t quite crossed the border yet but I’d absolutely love to wrestle in Scotland. The wrestling scene up there is bursting with exciting talent that I haven’t come up against yet. A goal of mine this year that I have set is to wrestle up there. It’s not really too far from where I live either. You can expect this year to be big for me though. I’ve got a lot of shows coming up and a lot of people to prove right. There’s so many people I want to wrestle its unreal. However, I put everything into every match and look forward to whenever I get to wrestle as it is a complete privilege to be able to do what I love. So I hope to make this year as successful as possible. Get excited and don’t take yer eyes off C Riddy!”


Credit: Marc Lungley

As mentioned you’ve gained alot of experience throughout your career and fought many different wrestlers, what has been your favourite experiences so far and favourite feuds?

“I have got a lot of ‘favourites’. If I was to sit here and list them all, the next question would be “What can we expect from you in 2016?” I love working alongside Damian Dunne, we work together in several companies and I’m always learning from just watching him. He’s a bloody good guy outside the ring too! This ongoing rivalry with El Ligero is going to be something I’m going to put a lot of my time into as it is important that I deliver for PAID under those circumstances. When I won the MiTB briefcase at PWK last year – that was a stand out moment and a big nod from the promoter, Ryan Smile, of whom is another guy that has helped me a lot last year. To quote Lance Storm here – “If I can be serious for a minute…” I’d like to point out how much wrestling has given to me these last 4/5 months. Not many people will know but I’ve had my own personal struggles and demons that have really held me back in the worst ways but wrestling was always there. I always had a purpose to train and to escape and just pretend that everything was absolutely fine when things were tough. Being able to wrestle really made things positive and it gave me something to be happy about. I felt like the last 6 months I have stepped my game up and that could be seen as in spite of my own personal demons.”


For fans that haven’t seen you before, or your matches, what matches would you recommend or events?

“Unfortunately I don’t have all of my strongest matches up on YouTube for various reasons which I feel holds me back a little when it comes to be able to show off what I can do but here are some of my other bouts that are still very enjoyable.”

Vs Lion Kid at PAID Promotions
Vs Ryan Smile Vs Damian Dunne Vs El Ligero at PAID Promotions
Highlight video of a 6 way ladder match at Pro Wrestling Kingdom
Vs Kris Travis at KnockOut Wrestling

“Be sure to also catch me at SWA a lot this year too! Really enjoyed both matches I’ve been a part of there! Make sure you buy tickets and come see me live however, primarily at the companies I’ve mentioned in this interview. But there’s gonna be a few débuts this year that I’m keeping secret until the company themselves announce so keep your eyes peeled…”


And where will fans be able to get updates from you on Facebook or Twitter? And were will they be able to see you next?

“Follow me @chrisXpriority on the twitter and chrisridgeway1 on instagram!
Not sure when this goes out but I make my début for GPW (Wigan) on Friday 20th Feb in a number one contenders match with Joey Hayes, Dylan Roberts & T-Bone which I’m stoked for, you may see a *nice* side of me there! Make sure you all attend!

Would just like to say thank you for this interview and the platform to let me waffle on about things that I like . Ciao!”


Chris Ridgeway’s Chops & Headlocks t-shire is available to buy from Indy Tees, here.

Our thanks to Craig Hermit for contributing this interview to the Wrestle Ropes website. Wewould also like to thank Chris Ridgeway for his time in conducting the interview.

Credit to Tony Knox, Marc Lungley & Studio8online for their images.

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