Leicester Championship Wrestling ‘Christmas Cracker’ Results


The following results are from Leicester Championship Wrestling ‘Christmas Cracker’ at the Brockington College in Leicester on December 13th 2014:


Xander Cooper defeated Zak Northern by Pinfall.

Joseph Conners defeated T.K Hayward by Pinfall.

LCW Tag Team Championship: Best Of 3 Series (Match One) – The Hunter Bros defeated Jimmy Meadows & Jack Starz by Pinfall. (The Hunter Bros: 1 Meadows & Starz: 0)

Marc Massa defeated White Tiger by Pinfall.

Chris Tyler defeated Tyler Bate.

Six-Man Tag Team (If Team Angelus wins, Max Angelus take control of LCW) – Team Angelus (Paul Malen, Barricade & HC Dyer) defeated Team Shipley (Stixx, Alex Gracie & Joseph Conners) by Pinfall. As per the stipulation, Max Angelus is now in control of LCW.


Our thanks to Leicester Championship Wrestling for the results from the show.

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