Preston City Wrestling ‘Supershow Of Honor’ Show Three Results *NEW CHAMPION*


The following results are from Preston City Wrestling ‘Supershow Of Honor’ Show Three at Evoque in Preston on November 29th 2014:


Six-Way – Cedric Alexander defeated ACH, Martin Kirby, Bobby Fish, Noam Dar & Roderick Strong by Pinfall.

Michael Elgin defeated BJ Whitmer by Pinfall.

Tommaso Ciampa defeated El Ligero by Pinfall.

PCW GM Lionheart announced that Matt Hardy would be a part of Road To Glory 2015. Special Guest Booker T came to the ring and confirmed that Harlem Heat will reunite in PCW in 2015.

Rayne Man (Dave Rayne & Mad Man Manson) defeated Paul London & Delirious by Pinfall.

Following the match, Mad Man Manson announced that he was retiring and he had just had his last match.

Joey Hayes defeated Lance Storm by Submission.

PCW Tag Team Championship – Team Single defeated The Briscoe Brothers by Pinfall to retain the PCW Tag Team Championship.

PCW Cruiserweight Championship: Triple Threat – Bubblegum defeated Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly by Pinfall to retain the PCW Cruiserweight Championship.

PCW GM Lionheart came to the ring and announced that to full recover from his injury he is stepping down as PCW GM. Joey Hayes came to the ring and demanded a PCW Heavyweight Championship match. Lionheart said that Joey Hayes could earn it and entered him as the first entrant in the Road To Glory 2015 tournament. He then announced that he would be the second entrant in the tournament.

Prior to the PCW Heavyweight Championship match, Lionheart announced that Dave Mastiff would be a part of the match in a three-way elimination.

PCW Heavyweight Championship: Three-Way Elimiantion* – Uhaa Nation defeated Dave Mastiff & Chris Masters by Pinfall to become the new PCW Heavyweight champion. *NEW CHAMPION*

*Elimination Order: Chris Masters, Dave Mastiff.

Following the match, Chris Masters immediately invoked his rematch clause and will challenge Uhaa Nation at Road to Glory 2015 with the added stipulation that the loser must leave PCW forever. 


Our thanks to Daniel Richardson & Ben Corrigan for the results from the show.

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