On The Road With “The Mexican Sensation” El Ligero: FPW, Southside, PBW & All-Star


Credit: Tony Knox

I’m writing this weeks article on a Tuesday night, travelling the 4 hour journey from Bognor Regis to Minehead, as part of the Butlins circuit. It’s been a long day already, as its currently 11:25pm, and I left my house at 9am. There’s been a ton of travelling, a whole variety of vehicles, a ridiculous amount of traffic, and a Ladder Match. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves….

Credit: Future Pro Photography

Today is the 5th day in a run of 10 shows in a row. Show one was last Friday, with the biggest event that Future Pro Wrestling have ever staged, their Trick Or Treat IV show in a huge leisure centre in Surrey. On this show, I was matched up with prominent former WWE superstar Chavo Guerrero. This match brought up an interesting dilemma. It’s my opinion that when an international talent/attraction wrestles over here, it’s far more beneficial for them to be highlighted, as they are the recognisable name who it’s likely that a lot of the fans have paid their money specifically to see. Someone like myself is given the spotlight over here every week, so illuminating the former WWE names rather than myself in the match just makes sense to me. That’s not to say that I think I, or whichever Brit if is, has to take a back seat. There’s a way of making it work so that both parties benefit. However, that’s just my opinion, and sometimes (like in this instance) the more established and experienced name might see it differently. And they’ve been in the job longer than I have. This was the first time Guerrero and I had met, and he was very enthusiastic about the end result. I personally felt that things could have clicked better, and that we could have produced something superior. But, that doesn’t take away what a great opportunity this was, and it was good to get some feedback from someone who’s been around so long, and been on the biggest stage. Massive credit to FPW for pulling in 800 fans to the show as well, it made for a hell of an atmosphere!

Speaking of huge crowds, SWE achieved the same, drawing over 750 people to their 4 Year Anniversary, just 2 weeks after running 4 shows in 3 days with their CZW weekender. A hugely impressive feat. In that weekender, I’d covered their Aerial Assault match that I was part of. This time around, I was in another 6-way. Myself, Kay Lee Ray, Rich Swann, Robbie X, Will Ospreay and Curry Man. Compared to the AA Match, I felt this elimination bout (which opened the show) was far superior. Minus one very scary moment when KLR hit the ground extremely hard on an enthusiastic Tope attempt. KLR is one of the toughest people I’ve ever met and gives pain the middle finger most of the time. She constantly bounces back from whatever is thrown at her, with a smile on her face. Seriously, don’t fuck with her.

Credit: Southside Wrestling/Brett Hadley

Still, you could hear the audible gasp from hundreds of people as she collided with the floor. This match was actually the end of KLR’s Speed King/Queen reign, as the match ended up boiling down to myself and the ever-aerial Ospreay, who picked up the win with a 630 Splash. Rich Swann also backflipped out of a Reverse Rana in this match. Just because he fancied it. Alright for some isn’t it. Speaking of KLR, she also eliminated me from the Number 1 Contender Rumble later on. Accidentally? Pissed off that she’d been dethroned? We’ll see. But a woman scorned is never an easy thing to contend with.

Speaking of things to contend with (truly awful segue there), there was a rather interesting story sandwiched between the FPW and SWE shows. Myself, Marty Scurll and Martin Kirby had been booked a hotel after FPW. Upon arriving at around 1am, we noticed a bunch of lads having a rather rowdy drink in the hotel bar. Nothing massively unusual there. However, once we arrived on the floor of our room, I noticed a lad passed out in the hallway. One too many ladyboys I thought (a pint of lager, chased by a gin and tonic and a Baileys btw). That would have been fine, except we then noticed he had blood dripping all over his face. Turns out, he was part of the rowdy bunch downstairs and, after a domestic, had had his head kicked in. So, instead of being able to get to bed, an ambulance was called and Paramedic Kirby went into action. There was still blood all over the carpet the next morning. So…..that was nice.

          Wrestle Ropes Exclusive Picture.     Credit: David J Wilson

Sunday was ‘great mate’ day, as myself and the truly erratic and brilliant G-Man travelled up to Edinburgh, Scotland together for PBW Capital Clash, a nightclub effort. Speaking of G-Man first, I know some people see him as just a wacky individual, but he genuinely does have some very intelligent views on storytelling, on drama and building angles correctly. He’s also wonderfully talented at producing high quality DVDs, and I’d recommend any company in the UK takes a look at his work. Plus, we watched Stingray on the way home, so he’s alright in my book! The show itself was a lot of fun! A small, but busy nightclub saw myself and Liam Thomson open the event with my PBW Title on the line. Thomson is someone I’ve wrestled for years, first clashing with him on a tiny 3CW show in 2006, and I still think he’s massively underrated even now! That, and he has the unique ability to get hurt in some ridiculous way every single match. I’ll never forget him coming backstage after a Hardcore 3-Way Tag match at PW101 in 2010, and Kirby and I asking if he was alright. “Aye aye, absolutely fine!” he replied, unaware of the MASSIVE egg-shaped lump in his forehead. No eggs in this one though, as I successfully retained the championship for the 4th time in what I felt was a highly entertaining encounter.

No rest for the wicked, as Monday night featured the start of 4 days with All-Star Wrestling, who are still the biggest touring promotion in Europe, after decades of constant shows. I tangled with Robbie Dynamite in front of a small, but enthusiastic crowd at Bedworth Civic Hall, and also wrestled him tonight in the headlining Ladder Match in Bognor. Dynamite is one of my absolute favourite guys to work with. When I first started wrestling for Dixon, in 2008, I pretty much wrestled Kirby every time. Dynamite was the first of ‘their’ guys that I was matched up with. Genuinely can’t say enough about his ability or his range of talents. He could make one of my capes look great. As much as the last 2 nights have been a pleasure, not to mention a cardio workout (Rob is a machine), it doesn’t take away from the sheer embarrassment of being stood at the top of the ladder tonight, and taking about 25 minutes to try and unhook the briefcase to win the match. Couldn’t have felt like any more of a useless prick, in front of a good few hundred people who’d been massively receptive to the match no less. Still, I’ve still got another 2 ladder matches this week to practice….

Until next week.


“The Mexican Sensation” El Ligero’s Upcoming Shows

Oct 30th – All-Star Wrestling – Butlins, Skegness.

Oct 31st – Preston City Westling ‘ Fright Night III’ – El Ligero vs Mark Andrews – Evoque, Preston.

Nov 1st – Premier British Wrestling ‘Maximum Impact 2014’ – PBW Championship: El Ligero (c) vs Rampage Brown – Greenock Town Hall, Greenock.

Nov 2nd – PAID Promotions ‘Remember Remember’ – Fatal Four-Way: El Ligero vs Ryan Smile vs Chris Ridgeway vs Damian Dunne – Winter Gardens, Morecambe.


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Our thanks to Future Pro Photography, Southside Wrestling/Brett Hadley Photography & David J Wilson for the use of their images.

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