From Our Affiliates: Snapmare Necks – Pro Wrestling Elite Fallen Angel Review

The show was called Fallen Angel. A smart name for the show considering its the moniker of the import who appeared. It lets folk know he’s there. Intrigues them. “Oh I know him, I’ll get a ticket tae go see that” they cry. It made sense to call the show that, just like calling the last show “Gradomania” made sense, cause he was the focal point. Local boy gets his big moment. The show was centered around him. The main difference between calling that show Gradomania and calling this one Fallen Angel, is that this show wasn’t centered around Christopher Daniels. As brilliant and classy as he predictably was, this wasn’t his show. He didnae come of age here. He didnae dazzle the same audience in totally different ways TWICE. Nah. That wasn’t him. That was the feat achieved by a man who was nothing but a mare tadpole in his auld Da’s sack when Christopher Daniels started his wrestling career. A man who I admire as much as yer allowed to admire someone who is depressingly 4 years younger than ye. That man is Noam ‘fuckin Dar, and Noam Dar proved once and for all that he isnae “the future” He’s the past, present, future and the king of the afterlife.

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