From Our Affiliates: Snapmare Necks – Pride Wrestling We Love It When A Plan Comes Together Review

Wrestling is lovely. Thing’s were pretty unpleasant in Glesga in the wake of the referendum. People were rioting (kinda). I saw a guy snatch a flag off a lassie while she was having a sleep on the ground. I seen a guy throw a chair at a Starbucks. I seen that Starbucks psychoanalyse the guy’s reasons for doing so, cause even the shop itself is a pretentious wank. Everyone was waving flags and shouting at each other, and thats no what Glasgow is. Glasgow is togetherness. Glasgow is comradery. Glasgow is pouring alcoholic beverages into soft drink containers, so ye can get steamin whilst stoating about Primark looking for Size 12 slippers. Glasgow is also about wrestling these days. Sometimes. Usually its City Centre. The glitz and the glamour the spew sodden Garage nightclub, but Pride do it a bit differently. Pride do it in a wee community centre in Bridgeton (correct pronunciation is “Brigg-tin” btw…Simon Cassidy, take note 😉 ) a stones throw from a wee playpark. As soon as the doors opened, a tribe of about 400-500 weans scurried towards it as if they were handing out free iPads, or playdough or suhin weans might like. I dunno. Point is, Pride ran a show while Glasgow was under the same black cloud of intolerance that’s hung over it for decades of Old Firm shite, and the show was a fucking rousing success. A sell out, packed with an eclectic mixture of auld yins, young yins and middle yins. All the yins, all the enjoyment. According to my pal the wee shop they had on the go also had “great, efficient service” and d’ye something else? That wrestling malarkey wisnae bad either…

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