From Our Affiliates: Snapmare Necks – An Interview With Lewis Girvan

Wrestling can be a bit peculiar sometimes (all the time), in the sense that its probably the only sport/performance art in the world where being really fucking good at it sometimes isn’t enough. If a young actor had the same level of acting ability Lewis Girvan has wrestling ability, he’d be in movies, or at the very least Emmerdale, so why isn’t Lewis Girvan booked fuckin everywhere? He’s booked in a lot of places btw. Don’t take that as me saying he’s doing fuck all. He’s a regular with plenty of companies, and I’ve never seen him have anything even within striking distance of a shite match, so why is his name not on everyones lips? Well, it wasnt for a while anyway, but lately that seems to have rightly improved. Folk are high off some Lewis Girvan again, and that can only be a good thing for Scottish Wrestling, because for me he’s the best young wrestler in the country. Based on pure ability alone. Guys like Kenny Williams, Joe Hendry and Lou King Sharp are making waves because they combine their ability with projecting a cracking character, and thats’ the thing Girvan’s struggled with a bit until recently. Its not that he lacked character either, he was one half of one of Grado’s most entertaining ICW matches when he filled in late for Williams Grange, and continues to impress in matches with opponents of all shapes and sizes, but now it’s finally clicking. Now more than the diehard ‘wrasslin fans are catching on, and thank fuck for that. God forbid a cunt as talented as Lewis Girvan is one of those guys who grafts for years, and eventually sacks it because its not progressing the way they thought.

Lewis Girvan was never going to be that guy though wis he? Not whilst it says “Pro Wrestler” on his pants for fuck sake, that means he’s a pro wrestler mate. Same as me tip-exing “prick” over the wee Nike tick on David Cameron’s swimming shorts, cause he’s a fuckin prick, and everyone he swims with should know it. Lewis Girvan is a pro wrestler, and one you should be very fucking aware of. If you aren’t right now, read his answers tae my daft questions below and get that rectified.

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