From Our Affiliates: Snapmare Necks – An Interview With Bete Noire

So Bete Noire’s a bit scary. In a good way like, but she’s definitely a wee bit different from the rest of the top women’s wrestlers in the country in the sense that she looks like she could not only incapacitate you using the various means at her disposal (legs, arms, big sticks etc) but that she’s take a great deal of pleasure in doing so. As the image above illustrates, with her slapping the taste out the mouth one of the scariest women in the U.K in Saraya Knight. Its that thirst for violence and in-ring skill that sets Bete apart, and in a business driven by those with unique selling points, Bete certainly has that. Starting to carry a big skull shattering Kendo Stick also disnae hurt her claim of being “hard as fuck” either, although the stick certainly would hurt, if it was…erm..swung? I dunno what the technical term is for striking a blow wae a stick, but needless to say, it would come under the “sare” category.

So I fired some probing questions at oor Bete, and by “probing” I mean “daft” and by “questions” I mean…well I mean questions obviously. Here they are, have a wee gander.

Continue reading at Snapmare Necks…

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