From Our Affiliates: Snapmare Necks – An Interview With Damian O’Connor (aka Big Damo)

I’ll no lie. I was a wee bit apprehensive about approaching Damo to do an interview. I get that way with every wrestler, but there’s an air of no nonsense about Damo that made my arse clench up at the thought of having the audacity to ask him questions. I needn’t have bothered worrying though, as Damo is about as nice a guy you could ever chat to. I first spoke to him about a month ago to ask what the fuck his finisher is called, cause I kept calling it “Electric Chair *insert adjective* ” and I was sick of chucking out guesses, but the big man was about as warm as a person can be over Facebook chat, and we had a right good natter about the wrasslin. My favourite thing to do in the world, and it seems to be something Damo enjoys tae, cause he answered all my daft questions brilliantly.

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