Trios Match Announced For Southside Wrestling ‘The Hunt Is On’



Southside Wrestling have announced a trios match for their September 19th show, ‘The Hunt Is On’ at the DQ Nightclub, Sheffield.

It has been confirmed by Southside Wrestling that Morgan Webster, Dan Moloney & Tyler Bate of the Modern Young Wolves will face Jonthan Gresham, Chris Brookes & Nixon Newell of the Calamari Catch Squad in a Trios match at the DQ Nightclub on September 19th at ‘The Hunt Is On’.

Southside Wrestling announced the match with the following:

Latest match up for Sheffield on Friday 19th Sept,

Trio’s Match Up; ‘Flash’ Morgan Webster and The Young Wolves (Tyler Bate and Daniel Moloney take on The Calamari Catch Kings (Jonathan Gresham and Chris Brookes) and Nixon Newell.

We see so many amazing 6 person tags in the likes of Chikara, DragonGate and PWG yet the Trios match is something of a rarity in the UK. So we thought it was about time we did something about that and added them as a feature to Southside.

So we picked some of the most exciting young wrestlers in the UK and one experienced international star to kick off the division with a bang!

The Young Wolves have been impressing everyone not just in across the UK since they broke onto the scene and on their 2 previous tag matches in Southside with the Hunters they have stolen the show, so we certainly wanted to give them more chances to show how staggeringly talented they are. While their team mate ‘Flash’ Morgan Webster is someone SWE management has been scouting for a while, he has an exciting, fast paced and high flying style that means he will be a perfect fit for the Speed King Division and we believe this is his perfect opportunity to introduce himself to the Southside fans.

While on the opposite side of the ring, Jonathan Gresham has been around the world wrestling in so many different countries since his last Southside appearance. He has helt multiple titles in Japan and returns even better than he was before. Gresh has formed an excellent tag team with another exciting young prospect Chris Brookes – The Calamari Catch Kings. But while Gresh has been away Brookes has formed another team with Nixon Newell – The Vulture Squad, who have also been very impressive since their debut earlier this year. Much like Kay Lee Ray – Nixon isn’t afraid to take on the men, and the unlikely duo have made a great team. So both team unite to form a trios team for the very first time!

There may be some new names you aren’t familiar with in this match but trust us, by the time it’s over you will definitely remember them! This match is going to be fast paced, non stop action as 5 of the UK’s brightest young stars and the incredible Jonathan Gresham kick off the Trio’s division in Sheffield!

Photo Credit: Southside Wrestling

The announced match card is as follows:

Match Card

SWE Heavyweight Championship

Rampage Brown vs Mark Haskins (c)


World’s Cutest Tag Team vs Project Ego


Zack Sabre Jr vs Will Ospreay


Robbie X vs El Ligero


Trios Match

Modern Young Wolves (Morgan Webster, Tyler Bate & Dan Moloney) vs Calamari Catch Squad (Jonathan Gresham, Nixon Newell & Chris Brookes)


Doors open at 6pm. First bell at 7pm.

Tickets are priced from £10 and can be purchased here.

The official event page can be viewed here.

Source: Southside Wrestling Facebook


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