Kamikaze Pro ‘Born & Raised’ Results

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The following results are from Kamikaze Pro ‘Born & Raised’ at The Cadbury Club, Birmingham on July 27th 2014:

Triple Threat – Damian Dunne defeated Chris Brookes & Sebastian Radclaw by Pinfall.

Van Damage defeated Brandon Thomas by Pinfall.

Pete Dunne defeated Joseph Conners by Pinfall.

Nixon Newell defeated Marshall X by Pinfall.

Following the match, Marshall X went to use a chair which lead to Chris Brookes coming to save Nixon. Chris Brookes vs Marshall X is announced for ‘Lethal Weapon’ on August 30th.

Kamikaze Tag Team Championship – The Hunter Bros vs Miracle Violence Connection ended a in a Draw after one member of each team was pinned simultaneously. GM Harvey Dale intervened and took possession of the championship till a winner can be determined in a rematch on August 30th at ‘Lethal Weapon’.

Kamikaze Pro & Relentless Division Championship – Ryan Smile defeated Robbie X by Pinfall to retain the Kamikaze Pro & Relentless Division Championship.

Following the match, Ryan Smile & Damian Dunne attacked Robbie X until Pete Dunne came out to save Robbie X from further attack. Harvey Dale announced that Ryan Smile would defend the championships against Damian Dunne at ‘Lethal Weapon’. He also confirmed that Pete Dunne, Robbie X & Jay Lethal will compete in a three-way. Robbie X then hit Pete Dunne with a chair after a handshake.


Our thanks to Theresa Morley (@msbryntiger) for the results from the show.

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