Leicester Championship Wrestling ‘Summertime’ Results *NEW CHAMPION*


The following results are from Leicester Championship Wrestling ‘Summertime’ at Brockington College, Enderby, Leicester on July 5th 2014:


Mark Massa defeated Joseph Connors by Pinfall.

Mark Haskins defeated Jurgen Heimlich by Pinfall.

Jack Starz & Jimmy Meadows defeated Cooper Nation 2.0 (Mark Massa & TK Hayward) by Pinfall.

LCW Tag Team Championship – Max Angelus & Barricade defeated The Hunter Bros by Pinfall to become the new LCW Tag Team Champions. *NEW CHAMPION*

Paul Malen defeated Stixx by Pinfall.

LCW Heavyweight Championship – Alex Gracie defeated Kris Travis by Pinfall to retain the LCW Heavyweight Championship.


Our thanks to BritWresChat (@BritWresChat) for the results from the show. Check out their weekly show plus specials and archive episodes at www.britwresblog.co.uk.

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