International Three-Way Confirmed For Southside Wrestling ‘Day Of Reckoning 3’ + ‘Menace II Society IV’ Match Card


Southside Wrestling have confirmed a international three-way for their August 9th day show, ‘Day Of Reckoning 3’ at the Rushcliffe Arena, Nottingham.

It has been announced by Southside Wrestling that Michael Elgin, Mark Andrews & Chris Sabin will compete in a three-way at the Rushcliffe Arena on August 9th at ‘Day Of Reckoning 3’.

Southside Wrestling confirmed the match with the following:

We posed the fans of Southside a question, who’s match do you want tonight Elgin or Sabin’s?

It was neck and neck, which is good news all round as we are delighted to confirm they will in fact be in the same match! As Michael Elgin, Chris Sabin and Mark Andrews battle it out in an incredible international 3 way!

Michael Elgin is no stranger to Southside and has had some incredible matches on his previous visits, he even came close to winning the SWE Heavyweight Title. But since his last trip the Canadian power house has gone from strength to strength and he returns to SWE a more intimidating opponent than ever before.

Chis Sabin will be making his Southside debut and looking to make a strong impression as this will be his first trip to the UK outside of TNA in over 8 years. Chris was one of a select few to hold the TNA triple crown and is also the current record holder for most X Division Title reigns. Sabin is a specialist in multi man and tag wrestling as they lend themselves to his innovative offensive and combo attacks.

While high flying Mark Andrews, but he has been on top form since arriving in Southside and has already had a series of great matches with some of the best international names in the world inside the SWE ring. This will be a huge challenge, possibly the biggest match of his career to date, but we know he has the ability to go toe to toe with two of the very top names on the indy scene.

It’s a styles battle as we see the power of Elgin mix it with the ingenuity of Sabin and the speed of Mark Andrews and an international affair as Canada vs USA vs UK and it’s going to be immense!

Photo Credit: Southside Wrestling

The announced match card is as follows:

Day Of Reckoning 3 Match Card


Michael Elgin vs Mark Andrews vs Chris Sabin


Menace II Society IV Match Card

SWE Hwavyweight Championship

Mark Haskins (c) vs Tommy End


Speed King Championship

Martin Kirby (c) vs Kay Lee Ray


Marty Jannetty, Tatanka, Michael Elgin & Chris Sabin To Appear


Doors open at 6pm. First bell at 7pm.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here.

The Official Facebook event page can be viewed here.

Source: Southside Wrestling Facebook


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