Premier British Wrestling ‘Live In Dumbarton’ Show Report


by Craig Hermit


The show took place before a standing room only Dumbarton Burgh Hall, a great sign that PBW is on the way to bigger things and through the night it that added to the excitement & atmosphere of one of the best PBW events the writer has attended.

The opening match saw Kamikaze Pro Wrestler Robbie X facing Liam Thomson but it appeared the day before Thomson furious at being left out of the Title picture left and a quick replacement PBW relative newcomer Lou King Sharp was called upon.


Lou King Sharp vs RobbieX

The two men wowed the crowd early on with fast drop-kicks, deep arm-drags and high risk manoeuvres. Both men gave a great showing and Sharp was within his element in this fast-paced evenly matched bout. The larger Robbie continued to use his power to control his opponent and in contrast the smaller Sharp used his speed to counter the offence. The great contest came to close when Robbie X missed his top turnbuckle finisher and the ever opportunist Sharp connected with his Pow Pow Splash to the surprise of the crowd get the win. But both looked fantastic in this bout and a testament to the shinning talent featured in both companies.


PBW Triple Threat Championship: Just Uz (c) vs The Hunter Brothers vs Team Zero-1

This triple threat tag team match gave the fans everything they could have expected and more. All three teams shined in this battle that drew rapturous cheers from the crowd, wither it was the Champions who demonstrated there high-flying abilities, the Hunter Brothers showing off there tenacity or the team from Zero-1 showing there raw power.
Highlights included a forearm and chopping battle between Obata and BT Gunn, all members performing a magnificent Tower of Doom off the turnbuckle and flying Planchas through the ropes from Just Uz and Team Zero-1. In the end after the breathtaking battle it would be Just Uz retaining there Tag Team Titles in the best tag team match this writer has seen in the indie circuit.


Uhaa Nation vs TJ Rage

Next it was Kamikaze Pro Wrestling favourite, Utah Nation, against the monster in PBW, TJ Rage. The crowd were in awe of the size of Nation at the beginning and the awe turned to cheers as he demonstrated his agility against Rage. The two proved in this match that big men do move fast and able to pull off a great match. Both men showed the fans exactly what they were capable off as this match wore on and the fans were solidly supporting Nation throughout. The finale arrived as Rage struck with his trademark spear, he managed a near fall on Nation, but as his temper began to flare, his opponent grabbed him and connected with the F5 and then two fantastic two back-flip splashes to get the win. Uncharacteristically Rage, extended his hand to Nation for a good match and Nation took it, to give a feel good feeling as well after a great match.


Davey Blaze w/Charles Boddington vs Grado

Next it was Davey Blaze along with one of most despised managers in British Wrestling, Charles Boddington against one of the biggest stars in the UK scene of the moment Grado. The early part of match was filled with the usual Grado hilarity, this writer says this fondly as the audience was in raptures at certain moments during this match. But none of this took away from the wrestling portion of the match as Blaze the aggressor demonstrated why he is one PBW finest wrestlers as he had his opponent dazed at many points during the match but it was Boddington who was the difference maker as he was able to keep the referee distracted long enough for Blaze to strike the fan favourite with Boddington’s briefcase to get the pin and the win, leaving a roaring crowd in shock.


Triple Threat: Noam Dar vs Kenny Williams vs Pete Dunne

The three men started off the match with Williams and Dunne against each other, as they took turns knocking fan favourite Dar outside the ring. As the two men showed the crowd there speed and highflying abilities. Both of them never gave an inch as then Dar joined the fray and pushed his advantage. All three men had the crowd wanting more and they provided more athletic manoeuvres before Dar managed to get the pin on Williams to leave the crowd cheering for the match they witnessed.


Marshall X vs Andy Wild

This bout saw these two wrestlers with completely different styles battle it out to a controversial ending. The fans were in the corner of Wild as Marshall went out of his way to offend and insult the crowd. As the match continued it seemed Marshall would do anything he could to get the victory using blow blows, other dirty tricks and this is what caused the controversy. While Wild was ready to defeat a fallen Marshall it appeared that his opponent was legitimately injured causing confusion to the fans and Wild. It was at this point Marshall took advantage of the confusion and got the pinfall.

Before the main event, Tom Aikten, PBW’s regular announcer made a surprise announcement that a special guest ring announcer would call the main event and that man was, Lionheart. The fans stood in appreciation of the man who was still recovering from his neck injury, it was a touching and great sight to see.


PBW Heavyweight Championship: Jack Jester vs El Ligero (c)

The match was slow to get going as the two men put of a fantastic and brilliantly worked match that had the fans lapped up.

As both Jester and Ligero demonstrated there conflicting wrestling styles, it was Jester who overpowered the Champion as they went to the outside, over the guardrail and into the fans. Through the chaos, Jester continued to punish the Champion until they reached outside the building where Ligero fought back and demonstrated that the he could be as hardcore as the challenger by splashing him off a table. As the two returned to the ring the crowd reached fever pitch at the main event and Jester seemed to realise that Ligero had more determination that he expected as he rushed to the outside to grab the PBW Title to use as a weapon, the referee  seized the Belt but as he was ready to get it out the ring.

Suddenly he was was knocked out by El Ligero as Jester dodged a flying forearm, but Ligero rallied by connecting with a face plant onto the PBW Title and then hit the Mexican Splash. No referee to count, as a second referee ran in to count, it was a near fall, but then Jester fought back and knocked the second referee out as he continued to press the advantage by hitting the Champion with the belt and then set up a tombstone attempt until Ligero prevented his downfall with knees to the head and connecting with a second Mexican Splash to get the pin and victory in a hard-hitting brutal title defence.


Our thank to Craig Hermit (@craighermit) for contributing this show report to the Wrestle Ropes website.

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