Two New Matches Announced For House Of Pain: Evolution ‘Evolution 10: What We Do In Life… Echoes In Eternity’


House Of Pain: Evolution have announced two new matches for their June 22nd show, ‘Evolution 10: What We Do In Life… Echoes In Eternity’ at The Spot Derby Entertainment Centre, Derby.

The first new match confirmed by House Of Pain: Evolution will see Jack Jester face “The Bastard” Dave Mastiff, one-on-one at The Spot Derby Entertainment Centre on June 22nd at ‘Evolution 9: What We Do In Life… Echoes In Eternity’.

The night before this, Jester will go one on one for the first time EVER with Kristoffer Travis…… as if that isn#t going to be brutally outstanding in itself, if he survives, he must then go on to face one of the TOUGHEST men England has to offer…. “The Bastard” himself, Dave Mastiff!! Mastiff doesn’t have it easy the night before either though as he locks horns with one of the UK’s hottest properties at the moment… “Special Edition” Joseph Conners!!!

Photo Credit: House Of Pain: Evolution

The second new match scheduled for June 22nd will see Violet Vendetta face Ruby Summers in singles competition at ‘Evolution 10: What We Do In Lifer… Echoes In Eternity’.

House Of Pain: Evolution announced the match with the following:

the Ladies Division in HOPE has really been hotting up of late and what we have in store for June is no exception to that rule as the ‘Resident Diva’ Violet Vendetta shall be locking horns with the debuting Leeds based Ruby Summers…… can Ruby topple the thus far undefeated (in singles competition) “Queen Of HOPE” or will Violet once again reign supreme??

Photo Credit: House Of Pain: Evolution

The announced match card is as follows:

Match Card

The Hunter Bros vs Project Ego


CJ Banks vs Ryan Smile


Dave Mastiff vs Jack Jester


Violet Vendetta vs Ruby Summers


Doors open at 3pm. First bell at 4pm.

Tickets are priced from £6 and can be purchased here.

The Official Facebook event page can be viewed here.

Source: House Of Pain: Evolution Facebook


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