Southside Wrestling ‘Notorious 4’ Results


The following results are from Southside Wrestling ‘Notorious 4’ at The Priory Centre, St Neots on June 1st 2014:


Stixx defeated Will Ospreay by Pinfall.

Following the match, Stixx choked Will Ospreay with a chain until Robbie X stopped the attack.

Kris Travis defeated Uhaa Nation by Pinfall.

Three-Way – El Ligero defeated Robbie X & Juventud Guerrera by Pinfall.

Martin Kirby defeated The Hurricane by Pinfall.

Money In The Bank – Joseph Connors defeated RJ Singh, Sha Samuels, T-Bone, Paul Malen & Darrell Allen to become the Money In The Bank holder which allows him a championship match at any point.

Dave Mastiff defeated Chris Hero by Pinfall.

SWE Heavyweight Championship – Tommy End defeated Mark Haskins by Disqualification after Mark Haskins attacked Tommy End in rage. Mark Haskins retained the SWE Heavyweight Championship.


Our thanks to Dale Mills (@TheDaleMills) for the results from the show.

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