Results From Insane Championship Wrestling ‘Up And ATOM!’


The following results are from Insane Championship Wrestling  ‘Up And ATOM!’ at Studio 24, Edinburgh on May 25th 2014:


The show began with Kid Fite coming to the ring only to be attacked by Liam Thomson.

Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey announced that Kenny Williams would join Polo Promotions if Jackie Polo beat Joe Hendry. Chris Toal came out dressed as Joe Hendry.

Jackie Polo defeated Chris “Joe Hendry” Toal by Pinfall.

Following the match, Joe Hendry came to the ring.

Mark Coffey & Jackie Polo defeated Kenny Williams & Joe Hendry by Pinfall.

ICW Tag Team Championship – The Bucky Boys defeated Darkside & Dickie Divers by Pinfall to retain the ICW Tag Team Championship.

It was announced that Jimmy Havoc was not there for the scheduled match against Chris Renfrew. Chris Renfrew faced Yum Yum.

Chris Renfrew defeated Yum Yum by Pinfall.

Liam Thomson defeated Grado by Pinfall.

Joe Coffey defeated BT Gunn by Pinfall.

Damian O’Connor defeated Kid Fite by Pinfall.

ICW Heavyweight Championship – Jack Jester defeated Wolfgang by Pinfall to retain the ICW Heavyweight Championship.

Following the match, the New Age Kliq came to the ring with Chris Renfrew threatening to cash-in his championship match until BT Gunn hit Jack Jester with a chair and the New Age Kliq attacked him.


Our thanks to Connie Williams (@stingersplesh) & Adam Wilson (@GingerPimpernel) for the results from the show. Check out Connie’s and others articles on

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