Change To Match Scheduled For Pride Wrestling ‘We Aim To Misbehave’


Pride Wrestling have announced a change to a match scheduled for their June 7th show, ‘We Aim To Misbehave’ at the Bridgeton Community Centre, Glasgow.

It has been confirmed by Pride Wrestling that due to injury, Glen Dunbar will be unable to compete in the Pride Championship defence against Mikey Whiplash at ‘We Aim To Misbehave’. Therefore, Pride Wrestling have announced that Mikey Whiplash will now face Jack Gallagher in singles competition at the Bridgeton Community Centre on June 7th.

Pride Wrestling announced the match with the following:

With the unfortunate news that Pride Champion Glen Dunbar is unable to compete on June 7th as we return to Bridgeton, we’ve quickly been on the hunt for a replacement to match Dunbar’s championship caliber to battle challenger Mikey Whiplash, and we think we’ve found just the man for the job!

Having trained under Roy Wood at the legendary Snake Pit in Wigan, as well as with celebrated wrestler Billy Robinson among many others, Jack Gallagher has become an excellent shoot and catch wrestler that as been making waves across the country. His fluid movements have been integrated perfectly into professional wrestling and he is literally chomping at the bit for competition.

Making a name for himself in Futurshock and GPW, Gallagher strives to be the best of the best from his matches in the UK to conquering Europe to an extended tour with for Pro Wrestling Zero1 in Japan!

On Scottish soil Gallagher has become a phenomenon at our big brothers at SWA, quickly embraced by Scottish wrestling fans due to his incredible skill and grace in the ring, with the crowd solidly behind him as he made a challenge against Mikey Whiplash for the Scottish Championship at the first Zero1 Scotland event. On June 7th, we’re thrilled to announce that Jack Gallagher will stand in for Pride’s Champion as he takes on Mikey Whiplash in Bridgeton Community Centre.

With Mikey Whiplash still in line for a shot at Glen Dunbar, will his first match in Pride be a successful one? Or will Gallagher make his own mark in Pride? Whatever happens, Bridgeton is in for a real treat as these two goliaths of British wrestling both make their Pride debut on June 7th!

Photo Credit: Pride Wrestling

The match card is as follows:

Match Card

Jack Gallagher vs Mikey Whiplash


N7 Championship – Triple Threat

Joe Hendry vs Lewis Girvan (c) vs Christopher Saynt


Nikki Storm vs Viper


David Campbell Thomson vs Jackie Polo


House Of Horrors

David Conrad vs Jam O’Malley


Chris Renfrew & Mark Sweeney of Street Justice In Tag Team Action

Doors open at 6.30pm. First bell at 7pm.

Tickets are priced from £8 each and can be purchased here.

The Official Facebook event page can be viewed here.

Source: Pride Wrestling Facebook

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