Championship Match Confirmed For Southside Wrestling (@SouthsideWE) ‘Menace II Society IV’


Southside Wrestling have confirmed a championship match for their August 9th show, ‘Menace II Society IV’ at the Rushcliffe Arena, Nottingham.

It has been announced by Southside Wrestling that Kay Lee Ray will challenge Martin Kirby for the Speed King Championship at the Rushcliffe Arena on August 9th at ‘Menace II Society IV’.

Southside Wrestling confirmed the match with the following:

Officially confirmed for our return trip to Nottingham on Saturday 9th August, Martin Kirby takes on Kay Lee Ray for the Speed King Title.

At X Factor Kay Lee challenged Kirby to a rematch after their epic encounter as the final 2 participants in last months Speed King tournament. Kirby accepted a promised to put an end to their year long feud once and for all.

Kirby claims to be ‘invincible’, holding the Speed King Title longer than any previous holder and being the only man to enter and leave the annual Speed King tournament as champion. However despite his dominance of the division Kay Lee has been a persistent thorn in his side and came closer than anyone to ending his reign. But Kirby still managed to find a way to win and he has proven he will stoop to any level to keep his title.

While Kay Lee knows that although she has lost to Kirby in the past, he never managed a clean victory over her. And after her heroics at Speed King where she came so close to pulling off the biggest victory of her career, Kay Lee is more fired up and determined than ever. She is hoping that at Menace II Society in front of the Nottingham fans who fanatically supported her to this point she can finally take the gold!

Photo Credit: Southside Wrestling

The announced match card is as follows:

Match Card

Speed King Championship

Martin Kirby (c) vs Kay Lee Ray


Marty Jannetty, Tatanka, Michael Elgin & Chris Sabin To Appear


Doors open at 6pm. First bell at 7pm.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here.

The Official Facebook event page can be viewed here.

Source: Southside Wrestling Facebook


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