Results From Southside Wrestling (@SouthsideWE) ‘X-Factor’



The following results are from Southside Wrestling  ‘X-Factor’ at the Rushcliffe Arena, Nottingham on May 11th 2014:


Stixx defeated Pete Dunne by Pinfall.

The Hunter Bros defeated Young Wolves by Pinfall.

Paul Malen vs Joseph Connors ended in a Double Count-Out.

Kay Lee Ray challenged Martin Kirby for the Speed King Championship at ‘Menace II Society IV’ on August 9th. Martin Kirby accepted the challenge.

Tommy End defeated El Ligero by Pinfall.

Mad Man Manson vs Flex Buffington was declared a No Contest after T-Bone attacked both men.

Following the match, Mark Haskins challenged T-Bone to a SWE Heavyweight Championship match later in the show.

SWE Heavyweight Championship

X-Pac & Robbie X defeated Project Ego by Pinfall.


Our thanks to Dale Mills (@TheDaleMills) for the results from the show.


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