Results From LCW Roses (@LCWRoses) ‘Mayday’

LCW roses

The following results are from LCW Roses ‘Mayday’ at Brockington College, Leicester on May 10th 2014:


Viper defeated Kay Lee Ray by Pinfall.

Four-Way Elimination* – Jenna defeated Kirsty Love, Felony & Nadia Sapphire.

*Elimination Order: Nadia Sapphire, Kirsty Love, Felony.

Faith Lehaine defeated Ayesha Ray by Pinfall.

2-on-1 Handicap Elimination* – Leah Owens defeated Shauna Shay & Violet Vendetta.

*Elimination Order: Shauna Shay, Violet Vendetta.

Nikki Storm defeated Nixon by Pinfall.

No Disqualification – Addy Starr defeated Rhia O’Reilly by Pinfall.


Our thanks to BritWresChat (@BritWresChat) for the results from the show. Check out their live show every Wednesday along with archive episodes & specials at Their original results can be viewed here.

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