Results From RAD:PRO Wrestling (@RAD_PRO) ‘EmbryoniX 2.2’


The following results are from RAD:PRO Wrestling ‘EmbryoniX 2.2’ at the Chuted Ede Community Association, South Shields on May 3rd 2014:


Viper defeated Ian Ambrose by Pinfall.

Yorkshire Dale defeated Danny O’Doherty by Pinfall.

Freya Fenzy defeated Euan G Mackie by Pinfall.

Following the match, Freya Frenzy & Vulture were attacked by Terrors of the Toybox leading to Vulture being unable to compete in his scheduled match against Robbie Ryder.

Robbie Ryder defeated Joseph Biggs by Pinfall.

Felis Atrox defeated Max Heat by Pinfall.

EmbryoniX Championship – Carbon defeated Rabbit by Pinfall to retain the EmbryoniX Championship.


Our thanks to RAD:PRO Wrestling (@RAD_PRO) for the results from the show.


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