Fierce Females (@FFemalesGlasgow) Announce Their Separation From Insane Championship Wrestling


Fierce Females have announced their separation from Insane Championship Wrestling.

It was confirmed in a statement released on the Fierce Females Official Facebook page.

The statement is as follows:

As we mentioned last night we have some news on top of the video being put up.

After a lot of discussion between ourselves and the ICW management we’ll be going now be going just by the name Fierce Females from now on and have no ties with Insane Championship Wrestling. This is purely a creative decision to allow both companies to use the female wrestlers in a way which is best for each individual company.

Regarding ourselves we’ll still be as crazy and insane as we were before the change and we’ll also be making a few changes to our format, one of those being there will be more “smaller shows” like we did in April and another is all these shows will now be recorded and put up on youtube on a weekly basis.

As well as the smaller shows we plan to run a more shows in the city center as well, with us in talks with a possible new venue that will give us more interesting options regarding the way we put on the shows.

Source: Fierce Females Facebook

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