Results From LCW Roses (@LCWRoses) ‘War Of The Roses’

LCW roses

The following results are from LCW roses ‘War Of The Roses’ at Brockington College, Leicester on March 1st 2014:


Triple Threat – Pollyanna Peppers defeated Sakura Lily & Dragonita by Pinfall.

Violet Vendetta & Shauna Shay defeated Team Superficial (Faith Lehaine & “Princess” Nadia Sapphire) by Pinfall.

Triple Threat –  Felony defeated Kirsty Love & Freya Frenzy by Pinfall.

Nixon defeated Leah Owens by Pinfall.

She-X (Bete Noire & Viper) defeated Jenna and Lana Austin by Pinfall.

Nikki Storm defeated Ayesha Ray by Pinfall.


Thanks to Karl Robinson (@KarlRobinson) for the results from the show.


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