Insane Championship Wrestling (@InsaneChampWres) ‘Fear & Loathing VI’ Fan Review by Pixie


The following review is a fan review of Insane Championship Wrestling ‘Fear & Loathing VI’ by Pixie.


As over a thousand fans packed into Glasgow’s O2 ABC, the atmosphere was incredible. Having sold out Edinburgh, many fans were curious as to wether or not Glasgow was going to do better.

Dr. Sean and Billy ‘F-ing’ Kirkwood got proceedings underway with the usual funny, witty banter that got the fans engaged immediately. The fans were already up for it, so didn’t take much encouragement. The two funny men were quickly on their way to the commentary table and settled so that the true show could begin, kicking off with the Zero G Championship match between the champion, Mark Coffey and the challenger, Solar.

Photo Credit: Insane Championship Wrestling

The match got under-way pretty quickly and was a true show of both men’s strengths and talent. Coffey dominated throughout and after throwing Solar to the outside the match was ended in a no contest as Due to injury Solar could no longer compete. As security staff were helping him to the back Mark Coffey grabbed Solar and dragged him back to the ring claiming that he was going to take his 3 count like a man. After a brutal pump-handle slam there was a count of two before Coffey got up and, leaving the prone high-flyer lying in the ring.

Grado Video

In an effort to ease the disappointment of the Solar fans in the building, a VT of Grado was shown on the big screens in the venue, much to the delight of the ICW faithful. In this short video he was seen rehab-bing after the vicious attack he suffered at the hands of Chris Renfrew and BT Gunn of the New Age Kliq. the footage was a little grainy and the audio was a little suspect, but Grado was clearly seen enjoying his rehab in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The man fae the ‘tap end ae Stevenson’ even managed to bump into US wrestling star, Goldberg which clearly had a positive effect on him. The fans of ICW were delighted to hear that Grado would be returning in the very near future to get some measure of revenge on the NAK.

Photo Credit: Insane Championship Wrestling

The next contest was the Fierce Females match in which Bete Noir and Viper were to be pitted against The Glamour Gym, consisting of Carmel Jacobs and Sara Marie Taylor. Before the match got under-way  Carmel got hold of a mic and cut another sizzling promo and explained that Sara had absconded to another country to take part in a photo-shoot  leaving her partner-less. Always an opportunist, Carmel made the best of the situation by searching the ICW female roster for a worthy partner and found one in the form of the ICW Fierce Females champion, Kay Lee Ray. The ICW hardcore Queen came down to the ring and the match got under-way with the tension between Kay Lee Ray and Carmel clear right from the beginning. The combination of Noir and Viper was more than enough for Carmel to handle as she refused to tag in Ray for a good potion of the start of the match until she had finally had enough and handed the reins over to the women’s champion. After much backward and forwards action, thee were heavy bumps on both sides of the ring, with Viper being thrown from the top turnbuckle and taking a horrible bump onto the ground below. The match wound up to its inevitable conclusion, with both sets of women growing more determined and aggressive until Carmel brought the women’s championship belt into the ring, with every intention of smashing it into the head of Bete Noir.

Unfortunately, Kay Lee Ray had finally had enough of Carmel’s antics, grabbing the belt from her team mate and earning a slap in the face for her efforts. After blocking Carmel’s underhanded tactics for most of the match, the women’s champion finally had enough and made to throw the women’s title off of Carmel’s head, only for her to dodge the blow, leaving Bete Noir the only target left and as a result, she suffered a truly brutal head-shot with the belt. Carmel managed to roll her up for a quick pin and the match was done. It wasn’t until the smoke cleared a little that it was clear that the belt shot had been a lot more accurate than originally thought as Bete Noir was helped to the backstage area by her partner and security sporting a size-able lump on the left side of he forehead. It would late be revealed that she would suffer a concussion from this injury, further proving that in Insane Championship Wrestling, it isn’t just the guys who do hardcore.

After the match Kay Lee was visibly distraught at the fact that she had hit Noir and while she tried to ensure that she was OK Carmel celebrated on the ropes while many adoring fans applauded her.

Photo Credit: Insane Championship Wrestling

After being notably absent from the ICW ring for the past few months due to a shoulder injury, Fear and Loathing VI seen the return of Noam Dar. The Impressive high flyer was last present in the ICW ring at Reservoir Dogs where he faced off in a spectacular contest against Solar, where he managed to get the win after a well fought contest. Despite missing dates in Edinburgh and Glasgow, he returned at Fear and Loathing, the biggest show on the ICW calendar. He faced off against his biggest rival within ICW Andy Wild who took no time in targeting the previously injured shoulder of Noam Dar. The match was filled with high flying moves from the two former Zero-G Champions as they battled to have their hand raised in the centre of the ring, ultimately it was Andy Wild who despite receiving quite the beating from Dar managed to secure the pin fall.

After the match Noam Dar took to the mic and stressed his outrage at what in his words “was never a three-count” the result stood though and a rather miffed Dar wet to the back.

Photo Credit: Insane Championship Wrestling

David the Beloved then came to hold confession, his first sinner was Leah Owens who’s “taps aff” antics had left a bad taste in the mouths of himself and former valet Sara. Leah came to the ring wearing a jacket much to the dismay of the ICW fans and she appeared to have changed her ways to those of the saviour. Silencing the crowds she took to the mic and explained that after her match at ICW Fierce Females: XX it’s in our DNA with Sara she has been thinking that maybe she needs to repent for her sins but explained that it’s hard as she loves the fans too. With a quick change of heart she decided that she would give the fans what they want,and after telling the saviour that she had worn something more appropriate for the evening removed her jacket to reveal a bra with bedazzled hand prints on each side. David the Beloved clearly not happy by what was in front of him attacked Leah and hit an impressive gut-wrench crucifix powerbomb. Kasey Owens came to her sisters defence and the saviour retreated.

Photo Credit: Insane Championship Wrestling

The first half main event was up next and would see Jimmy Havoc take on James Scott and they would both have to overcome the power of none other than ECW legend Rhino. The match got underway starting with James Scott and Rhino locking up, before long the crowd was chanting the three letters of the promotion Rhino was best known for ECW. As chants got louder Rhino halted the action in ring and requested a mic. Rhino then told the fans that ECW was a place dear to his heart and that he is glad everyone remembers them but tonight wast about the past it was about the future and ICW is the future of wrestling. The match got under-way and proved to be everything that the fans thought it would be with a spectacular double Gore through a table on an unsuspecting James Scott and Jimmy Havoc, the men fought on and after a top rope manoeuvre onto a downed Rhino Jimmy Havoc took the win.


During the interval Psyko Dalek played a fantastic set featuring old songs and new, at the end of the set the lead singer (Div?) donned an NAK shirt before performing psycho and jumping into the crowd.

Photo Credit: Insane Championship Wrestling

After the interval it was time for a match which hadn’t been sanctioned by ICW or its management and would see Wolfgang who was seeking revenge for the attack on his pal Grado take on the NAK single handed. Ultimately that wasn’t to be as Wolfgang had brought back up in the form of Lionheart. ICW owner Mark Dallas then came to ringside and announced that he was going to sanction the match but in order to do that he would have to make the numbers even, he then asked the ICW crowd to join him in welcoming the newest member of the ICW roster, former ICW heavyweight champion Red Lightning! As fans began chanting the name of Wolfgang, Lionheart and Lightnings former faction Gold Label, the NAK tried to pull a sneak attack and the match got under-way  Dickie Divers started off the match, locking up with Lionheart. The match continued with both teams showing their strengths, the one thing still evident was the clear rift between members of the Gold Label. After a hard fought match Red Lightning attempted to hit Divers with the belt except he missed and caught fellow Label member Lionheart instead allowing divers to get the pin.

Team CK Video

There was a short video following the match showing Team CK being scolded like naughty children by James R Kennedy after a short time DR Sean David walks past in the background before confronting Kennedy about his actions towards the young wrestlers, branding him a bully before walking off.

Photo Credit: Insane Championship Wrestling

It was then time for two of the best technical wrestlers in the business today to lock horns as Joe Coffey took on Robbie Dynamite in what was a fantastic spectacle of technical wrestling thankfully the crowd remained  considerate and enjoyed what was truly a gift to any wrestling fan.  Both competitors showed their skills and exactly why they were where they are in the business. Coffey picked up the win after a hard fought battle and eventually grinding Dynamite down. After the match Joe cut a promo on how both Coffey brothers had been successful in their matches this evening before heading backstage to applause from all areas of the crowd.

ICW Owner Mark Dallas’ Announcement

ICW owner and promoter Mark Dallas came to the ring accompanied by his personal security team of JD Bravo and Jamie Feerick and also Chris Conscience. Dallas went on to announce that ICW: Still Smokin’ would be held on March 30th in the O2 ABC and would feature Brian Kendrick. As he made to leave the ring he was stopped by Conscience who instructed him to tell the fans the whole story. After some arguing back and forward Dallas relented and told the crowd that the show would also feature Brian Kendrick’s former tag partner, Paul London. Again he made to leave before once again being stopped by Conscience who once again told him to tell the crowd the whole story, Dallas then told the waiting crowd that the name being applicable as the show would also see the return to the asylum of Sabu.

Photo Credit: Insane Championship Wrestling

The match that followed was to determine the number one contenders for the tag team titles and seen the Bucky Boys face off against Fight Club and the Sumerian Death Squad. In a hard fought battle many members of the crowd had wrestlers thrown at them by Tommy End and Michael Dante as they asserted their dominance within the match. Having downed both Bucky boys Liam Thomson grabbed Davy Boy before Kid Fite grabbed the trademark bottle of Buckfast which is never far from the wee man’s grasp and then threatened to smash it off the ring post and stab Davy Boy with it. At that moment, Dallas came through the curtain and instructed the ring security to remove Fight Club from the ring area. The match continued as the Bucky boys have their all against their biggest rivals to date in a bid to have a chance at winning back the belts they lost in August. It wasn’t enough however as the Sumerian Death Squad were not going down without a fight and were soon named number one contenders to the ICW tag team championships.

Photo Credit: Insane Championship Wrestling

In a match tipped to be one of the most brutal ICW has seen Jack Jester took on ICW Heavyweight champion Mikey Whiplash in a title match requested by Whiplash at ICW: Dave’s not here, man! In August. Having had a very active feud since Whiplash début at ICW Fear and Loathing IV, Jester was determined that this would be his night. Battling from the bell both competitors gave everything they have in a match that proved to be very brutal, Whiplash had brought a noose to the ring which Jester capitalised on using it to hang him from the ropes and tying it in place, leaving a scrambling Jam-Dog to free his master Jester continued on the offence and the second Whiplash was freed used the free trailing rope to pull him down several times before the action spilled out of the ring and towards the bar it became apparent that having been slammed against a table by Whiplash, Jester was now bleeding very heavily leaving trails throughout the ABC. There was no let up in the aggression between the two men and as Jester took control of the match and dragged a dazed whiplash towards the ring, he made his way up the ramp before downing him and fetching a table from the backstage area, laying Whiplash out before diving from the stage sending him crashing through the table. It wasn’t long before Whiplash who was visibly enraged at the events that took place got back in the ring, setting up the trademark corkscrew of Jack Jester in the turnbuckle just like he had done at Maryhill although this time Jester was ready for him, after countering his attempts to Irish whip him into the corkscrew Jester grabbed Whiplash and rolled him up sealing his victory and becoming the new ICW Heavyweight Champion.

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