BREAKING NEWS: Brian Cage no longer appearing at PCW (@PCW_UK) & Southside (@SouthsideWE) shows this weekend





Preston City Wrestling and Southside Wrestling have announced that due to missing his flight, Pro Wrestling Guerilla star, Brian Cage will no longer be appearing at Preston City Wrestling’s ‘Final Fight’ on October 11th and Southside Wrestling’s ‘Unlucky for Some… In Stevenage’ on October 13th.

Preston City Wrestling released the following statement on their Official Facebook page:

Sorry to be the bringer of bad news but Brian Cage has missed his flight as was late to the airport.

We are really sorry we can’t deliver the advertised match but we will find a replacement for him.

Obviously this has cost me money so im far from happy with it but im more sad I cant give the fans what we booked.

We still have an amazing show planned so dont worry about the quality of talent still on offer.


Southside Wrestling released there own statement on their Official Facebook page regarding the announcement:

It is with deep regret that Brian Cage will not be appearing on Sundays show due to missing his flight to the UK.

Although we have lost quite a bit of money due to flights / visa and hotel we are more frustrated about letting our great fans down.

Ultimo Dragon and Davey Richards are already safely in the country and we are sure that Sunday’s show will still be awesome !



Brian Cage also tweeted the following with regards to not appearing:


Source: Preston City Wrestling/Southside Wrestling/Twitter

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