Results from ICW: Fierce Females (@FFemalesGlasgow) XX “It’s In Our DNA”


The following results are from ICW: Fierce Females ‘XX – It’s In Our DNA’ on September 22nd:


Kirsty Loveign & Fiona Fraser vs Shelly Starr & Sammii Jayne was declared a No-Contest after Ayesha Ray attacked all competitors.

Following the match, Bete Noire came to ringside and challenged Ayesha Ray to a match.

Ayesha Ray defeats Bete Noire by Pinfall.

Leah Owens defeats Sara Marie Taylor by Pinfall.

Following the match, Carmel Jacobs calls out Sara Marie Taylor for aligning herself with David The Beloved. Sara Marie Taylor reunites with Carmel Jacobs to reform The Glamour Gym.

Round Robin Tournament – Rhia O’Reilly defeats Shanna by Submission.

Crazy Mary Dobson defeats Carmel Jacob by Pinfall.

Nikki Storm defeats Portia Perez by Pinfall.

It was announced that due to Shanna’s injury she would be unable to continue in the Round Robin tournament and the winner of the Erin Angel vs Rhia O’Reilly match would earn a future opportunity at the Scottish Women’s Championship.

Erin Angel defeats Rhia O’Reilly by Pinfall to earn a future opportunity at the Scottish Women’s Championship.

Following the match, Shanna returns and joins Rhia O’Reilly in attacking Erin Angel but Erin Angel manages to fend off the attack.

Scottish Women’s Championship Three-Way Elimination* – Kay Lee Ray defeats Viper & Amazing Kong by Pinfall to retain the Scottish Women’s Championship. During the match, Carmel Jacob & Sara Marie Taylor got involved leading to Bete Noire coming to ringside to attack Jacob & Taylor. Crazy Mary Dobson also returned at stole the Scottish Women’s Championship.

* Elimination Order: Amazing Kong, Viper.

Following the match, Crazy Mary Dobson challenged Kay Lee Ray to a Scottish Women’s Championship match.


Thanks to Pixie (@RatedRPixie) for the updates from the show.


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