Insane Championship Wrestling (@ICWOnline1) ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’ Fan Review by Pixie


The following review is a fan review of Insane Championship Wrestling ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’ by Pixie.

ICW ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’.

The show opens with Simon Cassidy introducing Billy and Sean who come to the ring and in usual fashion get the crowd well and truly warmed up all this time Billy is standing on the ropes with poor Simon having nothing to stare at but crotch replicating the scandalous move my Austin Aries when he held Christie Hemme in the corner and had his crotch in her face.

Wolfgang then enters the ring telling fans he’s here to issue a challenge. Before he can finish, “The Teen Sensation”, Christopher comes to the ring accompanied by James R Kennedy who claims that there is only one person who is suitable to answer Wolfgang’s open challenge for the Zero-G title. As Christopher prepares himself for singles action Solar comes out to the ring closely followed by a total shock when head of security for ICW John gets into the ring and declares that he is not only a security guard but also a trained wrestler under the name Christopher Saynt and wants his shot at the title.

The match would now be a fatal-four way for the ICW Zero-G title. The match was a perfect show starter showing off each man’s strengths whilst still making Wolfgang look as strong as can be specific highlights included Solars high flying ability, Wolfie’s strength as well as a perfectly executed first outing for Christopher Saynt but in the end it was Saynt who fell victim to the wolf as he was made to tap out allowing Wolfgang to retain his title.

After the match Wolfgang Issued a challenge to the winner of the Heavyweight championship match to a match in Edinburgh in August with both titles on the line.

Next match would see Jack Jester face off against Chris Renfrew for the chance to face Sabu at ICW: Dave’s Not Here Man. Renfrew enters first, stowing a pair of NAK trademark scissors into the bottom turnbuckle after a short time he is followed by Jester who is attacked by BT Gunn and Dickie Divers who are banned from ringside before the match begins, as the bell had yet to be rung this made the run in completely legal. Jester is then placed in the ring and match gets underway, starting off as more of a beat down, but becoming more back and forth. The match is taken to the floor, briefly going outside the venue for a couple of minutes before being taken up to the commentary booth, Jester then set up a table on the floor 9ft below. He then proceeded to lay Renfrew out on the table before climbing on top of the commentary desk. Jester then jumps from the higher platform, straight onto Renfrew, putting him through the table and sealing the win.

After the match Jester dragged Renfrew back into the ring,once he was able to move Jester offered Renfrew a steel chair to him with. When he hesitates, then swings, Jester ducked which resulted in Renfrew falling to the floor Jester then capitalised by tying him to the bottom rope with duct tape before disappearing backstage briefly, bringing lighter fluid back to the ring and dousing Renfrew with it. Jester retrieves the scissors Renfrew stashed earlier, and produces a lighter from his pocket holding them both up to the fans as if letting the crowd decide what Renfrews fate should be. Just then the NAK appear despite Renfrew having been shouting them for a good while. NAK run in, being held at bay by Jester threatening to light the lighter fluid he covered Renfrew in. Jester then decides to be the bigger man and lets Renfrew go, stating he has more important people to talk to. He then addresses Sabu ahead of their match in august.

Next match, The Coffey Brothers Vs Fight Club. Joe Coffey comes out first, cutting a quick promo before announcing the return of his brother Mark Coffey who has been in japan since April. Fight Club enter and the tension is still quite clear to see between the both of them. Match is very even, neither team able to gain much of an upper hand until another mis-communication error means Liam Thomson knocks Kid Fite from the apron to the floor, Fite recovers, getting back to the apron and the match continues, Fight Club gaining a small upper hand, with Liam Thomson looking to set up the Fight Club’s dual finishing manoeuvre, stopping just before Kid Fite is able to complete it, meaning more tension between the two. The match ends with the Coffey’s getting the pin over Fight club, Liam Thomson leaving ringside quickly. After the match Joe Coffey speaks again, inviting Save Pro Wrestling’s Nikki Storm to ringside with their newest recruit, Chris Saynt, inducting him into the Save Pro Wrestling movement, enduring their ‘baptism’ before being reborn Christopher Saynt.

The next match was the first half main event which saw Mikey Whiplash take on Grado for the ICW Heavyweight Championship. the match got off to a flying start, both men going back and forth quite evenly until Mikey pauses for a few moments, nursing a scratched eye. Whiplash seems more wary of Grado now, trying to employ a more technical style of wrestling, the match turns a little weird with Mikey Whiplash curling himself up in the middle of the ring, nullifying Grados attack. Grado then began copying the defencive stance, swiftly followed by the referee. Whiplash then stops and gets things back under way. Grado then pulled a pack of skittles from his singlet, scattering them across the ring, much to the delight of the fans. The match becomes more high paced with both men growing more aggressive and we saw grado gaining several near falls only to be thwarted by the ropes. Mikey Whiplash retains. After the match the two men hug as Whiplash shows Grado the respect that he has always wanted to gain.

Mikey Whiplash then accepts Wolfgang’s challenge, bringing the Zero-G champ to the ring, this caused a square off between the two champions who will now face off with both titles on the line in August.

The first match after the interval is BT Gunn V Jimmy Havoc in a thumbtack kick-pad match for the opportunity to face Rhino at Fear and Loathing VI: This Is Bat Country in October. BT Gunn is accompanied to the ring by Dickie Divers who immediately starts getting involved in the match, almost turning it into an unofficial handicap match. Both BT and Jimmy sustaining several kicks with the kick-pads, before Divers gives BT an arm cover covered in thumbtacks which he then used to an advantage against Havoc. Jimmy wrestles BT to a win causing Chris Renfrew to come running from the back and attacking Havoc with the other NAK members. The Bucky Boys, Grado and Wolfgang run to Havoc’s aid, beating down The NAK, causing them to retreat, not before taking props from the crowd, waving them in the air.

Nikki Storm appears at the announce table with a message for Leah Owens ahead of Edinburgh show. Leah Owens appears on the screen and challenges Nikki Storm to a bra and panties match under the pretence that she isn’t in the building before attacking Nikki from behind, taking the fight to the floor momentarily before Storm retreats and Leah removes her top whilst getting a “Taps Aff” chant going and posing for photos.

Next up was James Scott Vs Mark Andrews.

High flying Andrews put up a good fight against the returning James Scott, The match was taken to the floor and over the barrier into the crowd. Both men got back into the ring to continue the match, James Scott beating Andrews convincingly despite receiving several high flying finishers, marking a good start to his ICW return.

Next match … The ICW tag team championship match between the Bucky Boys w/ The wee man and the Sumerian Death Squad.

After the Wee man’s mic spot, the SDS grabbed Simon Cassidy, choosing to speak through him, claiming they are going to wrestle under classic tag match rules including disqualifications and not ICW rules. Match gets underway, the SDS taking an early advantage, both teams quickly finding the floor and wrestling into the crowd. Both teams work their way back to the ring, Each Bucky boy having to endure a sustained attack at the hands of the SDS while the other recovered, both finally managing to get to their feet and get involved again, using their second wind of energy and strength to finish the match, retaining and recovering their ICW tag team championship belts. The SDS retreat from the ring quickly, leaving the Bucky boys to celebrate their win. As the Bucky’s return to the backstage area, the SDS appear through the crowd, dragging the wee man over the barrier and into the crowd, out of sight.

Next match, Mark Dallas Vs Jackie Polo, the winner gaining ownership and control of ICW.

Polo enters to surprisingly strong crowd reaction, Dallas entering dressed like Ric Flair. The match begins with an instant run in from a returning Lionheart! Dallas goes for pin with Polo kicking out. Polo gains upper hand quickly, getting Dallas into a pinning situation with the referee, DCT stopping just before the three count, screwing Polo out of a win. Match continues, Polo going to work on Dallas until another unknown run in from the crowd (later revealed to be Timm Wylie), attacking Polo as he puts Dallas over the barrier. Action gets back to the ring, Polo continues to work on Dallas until Jamie Feerick runs in, trying to aid Dallas. JD Bravo runs in next, aiding Dallas as well, polo managing to wrestle though both run ins with relative ease. Polo retrieves his polo mallet, threatening Dallas with it. Mikey Whiplash runs in next, attacking polo and dragging Dallas over him for the pin, polo kicking out. Sweeney comes to the ring next, attacking Whiplash, seemingly joining forces with Polo before attacking him as well. Dallas gains the 1 2 3 pin, retaining control of his company.

After the match Sweeney carries Polo out through the crowd and into the street never to be seen again. Dallas grabs the mic, telling the ICW fans he is going to be assuming a more corporate role Dallas reveals that the ICW terminator 2: Judgement day show was being filmed for the BBC and the next 2 shows would also be filmed.

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