Insane Championship Wrestling (@ICWOnline1) ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’ Preview by Pixie

ICW Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Well summer is well and truly underway and things outside still ain’t as hot as the card for Insane Championship Wrestling’s next outing;- Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Everything from championships, wrestling matches against legends… even the very future of the company is on the line as ICW rocks The Garage for the last Glasgow show of the summer.

First on the cards we have the return of James Scott. After a prolonged absence from the ICW ring, Scott returns to face Mark Andrews. With his first match after returning from injury, Scott has a formidable opponent to defeat in Andrews.

Another person with the possibility of a difficult opponent is Wolfgang. The ICW Zero G champion has had a successful string of title defenses and is once again putting it on the line… by issuing an open challenge to the entire ICW roster. Anyone who thinks they have what it takes can take a shot at the gold.

Speaking of gold, the ICW tag team championship belts have been missing from the ICW world for the past two months after the Amsterdam based Sumerian Death Squad ‘relieved’ the tag champs, The Bucky Boys, of them at ‘ICW Reservoir Dogs’. Davey Boy and Stevie Boy are still reeling from Michael Dante and Tommy End’s attack on the Wee Man and Lambrinii at their last ICW appearance. Needless to say with the titles on the line and a score to settle, The Bucky Boys and the Sumerian Death Squad will make sure they bring it and leave it all in the ring.

With successful tours of Japan under their belts, the Coffey Brothers, Joe and Mark will be looking to get themselves firmly into the ICW tag championship hunt. The first stop on the road to the gold would be Fight Club, the team of Kid Fight and Liam Thompson. The pair have been having communication problems as of late, but will need to be firmly on the same page if they are to be successful over the solid team of the Coffey’s.

Things in ICW over the past few months have been unstable to say the least. With the re-emergence of the New Age Klique, Chris Renfrew and B.T. Gunn have taken it upon themselves to open the eyes of the masses, helping them to see what they perceive to be the problems with the British wrestling scene, causing them to clash violently with two of ICW’s biggest defenders and stars, Jack Jester and Jimmy Havoc. The escalating feud has lead to ICW Terminator 2: Judgment Day… With two matches being set with some rather spectacular results.

The reach that ICW has had within the British wrestling community in the past 12 months has been nothing short of extraordinary, bringing some of the best in the business to the Glasgow scene. ICW will be doing this again in August when Sabu, the hardcore legend graces ICWs ring. His opponent being decided by a match between Chris Renfrew and Jack Jester, with the winner squaring off against Sabu. The NAK have been banned completely from ringside, hopefully allowing for a fair, if not brutal, fight.

Chris Renfrew’s best friend and team mate, B.T Gunn will square off against ICWs own hardcore star, Jimmy Havoc. The English high flyer was given the opportunity to pick the stipulation of his choosing for the match, deciding on a thumb tack kickpad match. With a stipulation as dangerous as this, blood will be spilled and careers surely shortened in search of a win. That elusive victory will bring the winner into the same ring as the ECW and WWE star… the Man Beast, Rhyno at ICWs flagship show, Fear and Loathing VI at the O2 ABC in October.

With Mark Dallas firing Red Lightning after his title loss to Mikey Whiplash at ICW Reservoir Dogs, the new champion has been trying to do things the right way. Clean title defenses, keeping his Pretty Little Things from ringside as much as he could. He also decided to recognize the hard work and effort put in by a man he not too long ago made a serious attempt at killing. Issuing a challenge to the fan favorite, Grado, he is choosing to show the respect that he feels Grado has earned through his stint with ICW so far. After being cheated out of the ICW heavyweight title more than once, it might finally be Grado’s chance for a fair shot at the gold.

With the various feuds, fights and arguments, one would be forgiven for thinking that Mark Dallas would have his hands full. Unfortunately, after taking a Kendo stick to the head at ICW Reservoir Dogs, the owner of ICW has been a little out of sorts. Perhaps that is the reason that he has put himself into a position where he has to wrestle a match against Jackie Polo, the winner gaining sole control over Insane Championship Wrestling. The very fate of ICW is in the hands of its creator this Sunday, with serious ramifications, regardless of the result.

This Sunday will be one for the ICW history books, with massive matches booked for the last event of Summer 2013. ICW has put together a card with the potential to set the whole world ablaze. One thing is certain though…. After ICW Terminator 2: Judgment Day, ICW will never be the same again.


Tickets are on sale now from Ticketmaster (Direct Link), Ticket Scotland (Direct Link), Triple G Music (Direct Link), Rufus T Firefly & The Solid Rock Cafe in Glasgow. Tickets can also be purchased on the door, on the night.

The Official Facebook event page for ‘Terminator 2 – Judgement Day’ can be viewed here.

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