Insane Championship Wrestling (@ICWOnline1) ‘Flava In Yer Ear’ Review by Pixie


The following is a review of Insane Championship Wrestling’s ‘Flava In Yer Ear’ by Pixie (@RatedRPixie):

The night was started by MC Simon Cassidy and Dr Sean David coming to the ring to open the show as Billy Kirkwood was at home with his new baby son. Sean read out a letter which Billy had written him before realising that it was meant as a private letter.

The announce team were quickly interrupted by James R Kennedy who was eager to get his so-called dream team out and in action against the team of Dickie Divers and Scott Maverick. Team CK made their way to the ring followed closely by Divers and Maverick. The match got off to quite a slow start and it seemed that something was up. The NAK appeared at ringside and started down Scott Maverick before Divers produced the 8-ball and attacked Maverick with it like he did last month at ICW Reservoir Dogs Jack Jester and Jimmy Havoc rushed the ring to protect Maverick from the beat down he was receiving at the hands of the NAK whom they would face later.

Mark Dallas then came to the ring on Jamie Feerick’s shoulders accompanied by JD Bravo to audition referees to help Sean David on commentary. DCT won the “audition” and was sent to the commentary desk but Dallas instructed Feerick to find Billy Kirkwood and bring him to the venue.

Next it was time for Grado to take on Andy Wild pretty action packed and quite unlike Grado’s usual style he seemed to be going old school. After a slight slip up resulting in Grado almost getting split in two after walking the ropes and slipping it looked like Wild was going to get the win but true to form Grado got the better of him and after hitting a successful F5 pinned Wild for the 3-count.

The next match was the Zero-G Championship match which saw Solar challenge Wolfgang for the title, again an action packed match with plenty of high-flying and quite a bit of technical wrestling Solar looked strong throughout and at several points looked like he may steal the win and take the title from Wolfgang’s grasp. Ultimately though it was obvious that Wolfgang wouldn’t let his title go that easily so it was no surprise that he won and was able to retain his title belt. After the match Wolfgang, being the great sport that he is hugged Solar and ensured that he got the recognition from the crowd that he deserved.

Sweeney then came out to the ring carrying none other than Billy Kirkwood who had apparently left his child at home. After a tiny protest he agreed to stay and took his rightful place on commentary.

Next up was what seemed to be the most highly anticipated match of the night what with Divers now being part of the NAK the odds were in the favour of the dastardly trio. The match started with some comedic acts as Chris Renfrew and Jack Jester tried to outdo each other as Renfrew banged a scaffolding pole off the ring and Jester did the same using his trademark corkscrew. It wasn’t long before the action got under way BT Gunn and Jimmy Havoc started us off with Gunn slapping Havoc across the face who then turned to look at Jester, laughed, turned back and slapped him back, this continued back and forth for a few minutes before getting down to some serious wrestling, it wasn’t long before the NAK had involved the scissors they are famous for and Jimmy Havoc was their victim as BT Gunn cross faced him with the scissors. Before long Jester was bleeding followed by Gunn. Jimmy Havoc was carried away by security because he was bleeding so badly but Renfrew followed and before long they were brawling on the announce table. Meanwhile Jack Jester and BT Gunn brawled through the crowd and up onto the balcony followed closely by Dickie Divers. Jester then pushed BT over and he was left swinging by his fingertips, he managed to climb back up after Divers dragged Jester out of the way. Soon Jester was the one lying over the top of the balcony as Divers pushed and pushed but couldn’t get him over. Action continued in the ring between Renfrew and Havoc with weapons varying from cheese graters, chain, strip light bulbs and even baking trays. Before long Renfrew was bleeding after being hit by a light tube in the back by Jimmy Havoc who then squeezed lemon juice all over the wounds. soon Jack Jester and BT Gunn were back at ringside brawling, the match descended into chaos before Jimmy Havoc made a makeshift table and covered it in thumb tacks before climbing to the top rope and attempting to throw BT off but Gunn reversed it and secured the win with a power bomb from the top rope plunging Havoc through the table and into the thumbtacks. After the match chaos continued and Renfrew and Divers tied Jack Jester to the ring post with duct tape before Mark Dallas approached the ring and announced that at next month’s show Renfrew would face Jack Jester and the winner would face Sabu at the Edinburgh event in August. There will also be a match between Jimmy Havoc and BT Gunn where the winner will face Rhino in October at Fear and Loathing VI at the O2 ABC in Glasgow in October. Renfrew and Dallas ended up brawling before being separated.

After the interval and a huge clean-up operation it was time for the Bucky Boys to take on Fight Club in a non-title match. The Bucky Boys came out to the usual response from the crowd only something was missing, after the Sumerian Death Squad stole the tag belts at last month’s Reservoir Dogs the champions were still without their belts although the wee ma had made a makeshift belt from duct tape and a baking tray. The match was quite a slow starter but it didn’t take long for the action to really get going. Referee Edward Roberts having been tea-bagged by Kid Fite last month decided that he was taking the spotlight and just as Fite went to tea-bag Davy boy whipped down his trousers and stole the opportunity. The match continued and both teams looked strong but when it came to the finish it was Wee Man and Lambrini who ensured that their boys would win as Wee Man exchanged blows with Kid Fite before Lambrini spat wine in Liam Thompson’s face which allowed Davey Boy to get the pin.

After the match, Fight Club appeared to turn on each other although never actually came to blows, this has left fans wondering what lies in store at next month’s event for these two.

Jackie Polo then made his entrance in his usual way to prepare for his match with Johnny Moss. The stipulation of this match was that if Polo beat Moss then he would get a match with Mark Dallas in July for ownership of ICW but if Moss won, Polo would leave forever. The match was a brilliant showcase of both men’s abilities in both wrestling and entertainment. The match continued at a steady pace before Polo left the ring and got a croquet racquet from under the ring intending obviously to hit Mossy and pick up the win, however the Vigilante was on his guard and countered Polo’s attempts. A distraction came moments later when Sweeney approached the ring staring down Johnny Moss the whole time, this allowed Polo enough time to recover and grab the racquet again which he struck Mossy with twice before pinning him for the three-count.

Next the ICW Fierce Females Champion Kaylee Ray came down to the ring and addressed the crowd, mentioning how she’s thrown herself off the balcony in the garage but still has never felt as nervous as she felt when asked to speak to the crowd. She then went out to talk about her match at ICW’s event in Edinburgh on August 25th against Carmel Jacob. The crowd was really on fire with chants of “Great Kaylee” and “She’s Hardcore” ringing through the venue. Kaylee then called out Carmel Jacob who was accompanied to ringside by Mikey Whiplash. Carmel entered the ring almost unwillingly and stood toe to toe with Kaylee before being slapped meanwhile Whiplash stayed on the outside. Kaylee challenged Carmel to stop acting like a little dolly and become the wrestler she knows is inside, Carmel all the while is looking back at Mikey Whiplash and refusing to retaliate. Kaylee then challenged her to take the can from her hand and hit her with it which she refused to do so Carmel found herself on the receiving end of a blow to the face by a can of tennents. After getting back to her feet she again stood and stared at Kaylee who challenged her again to hit her with the can, after looking back at Whiplash and seeing him shake his head Carmel refused and left the ring. Kaylee then turned her attention to whiplash and asked him to do the same with Carmel as he did himself when he faced Robbie Dynamite a few months ago at Get Yer Rat Oot where we seen him become Mikey the wrestler and not Mikey the character. She then produced a pack of baby wipes from her belt and threw them in the direction of Mikey Whiplash before he turned and went backstage.

Next it was time for us to find out who Nikki Storm had chosen as her partner to take on The Owens Twins, the twins entered the ring first followed by Storm who was greeted by chants of “angry midget” she made her way to the ring and got on the mic telling the crowd and the twins how her partner was one of the best there is today and how her partner had also been to japan like she has, it was revealed that her partner would be none other than Joe Coffey. Joe entered the ring and got on the mic and told the crowd that the Save Pro Wrestling movement were against intergender matches so the match wouldn’t be going ahead, but a brawl broke out which was broken up when Sean Maxer stormed the ring to protect the twins from Coffey. It was then announced that the match would be Joe Coffey vs. Sean Maxer instead. The match was filled with action but the crowd didn’t seem to be into it at all. Joe Coffey targeted the injured arm of Maxer and eventually won by submission after securing an arm bar.

The Main Event was up next and saw Robbie Dynamite challenge Mikey Whiplash for his ICW Heavyweight Championship. Whiplash came down to the ring in his corset and skirt however no make-up in sight, he was accompanied by Carmel and Jam O’Malley whom he sent to the back before removing his costume to reveal trunks and knee pads rather than his skirt, at this point the crowd knew that again just like in April we were going to see a wrestling match and not a “performance” and that’s just what we got. The match filled with true wrestling and was a complete technical master class. Jam O’Malley then appeared at ringside again supporting whiplash despite being told to stay in the back. Neither man acknowledged Jam and the match carried on, fans started chanting things like “boring” and even at one point started singing the “fandango tune” which when seeing what was in front of them was totally disrespectful to two guys who were really putting on a fantastic show which at one point Whiplash dived out of the ring and no-one caught him but despite this he carried on regardless. Jam then grabbed the ankle of Dynamite and allowed Whiplash to secure the win, however he was unaware of Jam’s interference till after the referee had ended the match and Robbie Dynamite told him. Whiplash then called Jam into the ring and questioned him before calling out Carmel who he told that because of the level of respect she has for him he was going to show her the same level of respect and allow her to be free to do as she pleases and all he would ask was one favour, he then whispered into her ear and without even a second glance she flew for Jam kicking him in the nether regions and then flooring him with a short-DDT.

Overall the show was pretty action packed from start to finish and was only spoiled by a few fans who didn’t appear to have knowledge of what was actually in front of them.

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