Results from Insane Championship Wrestling (@ICWOnline1) ‘Flava In Yer Ear’

f2bduraaibgunt865uuf The following results are from Insane Championship Wrestling ‘Flava In Yer Ear’ on June 9th:


Team CK (Christopher & Kenneth) vs Scott Maverick & Dickie Divers is declared a No-Contest. Dickie Divers is revealed as the third member of the New Age Kliq. Divers, Gunn & Renfrew attack Scott Maverick. Jimmy Havoc & Jack Jester come out to save Scott Maverick from further attack from N.A.K.

Grado defeats Andy Wild by Pinfall.

Zero-G Championship – Wolfgang defeats Solar by Submission to retain the Zero-G Championship.

N.A.K (BT Gunn & Chris Renfrew) defeat Jimmy Havoc & Jack Jester by Pinfall.*

*Following the match it was announced that Chris Renfrew will face Jack Jester with the winner facing Sabu. Also confirmed, BT Gunn will face Jimmy Havoc with the winner facing Rhyno.

The Bucky Boys defeat Fight Club by Pinfall.*

*Following the match, Kid Fite & Liam Thomson have a heated exchange in the ring.

Jackie Polo defeats Johnny Moss by Pinfall.*

*Jackie Polo’s victory guarantees him a future match with Mark Dallas for control of ICW.

Kay Lee Ray comes to the ring and calls out Carmel Jacob. Mikey Whiplash leads Carmel to the ring. Kay Lee Ray hits Carmel with a beer can but Whiplash instructs Carmel not to hit back. Kay Lee Ray want Mikey Whiplash to remove Jacob’s make-up and let her be a wrestler instead of a ‘pretty little thing’.

The scheduled match between The Owen Twins and Nikki Storm with a partner of her choice did not go ahead after Storm chose Joe Coffey as her partner. This lead to Sean Maxer saving The Owen Twins from attack and a match between Sean Maxer & Joe Coffey being scheduled in it’s place.

Joe Coffey defeats Sean Maxer by Submission.

ICW Heavyweight Championship – Mikey Whiplash defeats Robbie Dynamite by Pinfall after Jam O’Malley interferes, to retain the ICW Heavyweight Championship.

Following the match, Mikey Whiplash releases Carmel and asks her a favour. She accepts and attacks Jam O’Malley.


Thanks to Pixie (@RatedRPixie) for the updates from the show. Be sure to check out her review of the show in the coming days.

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