Wrestler in the Spotlight – Bete Noire

Photo Credit: David J Wilson

Photo Credit: David J Wilson

Bete Noire. A name that has made people sit up and take interest in a big way.

Bete Noire began her training in 2010 at the Source Wrestling School based in Pollockshaws, Glasgow. Noire was trained by Damien O’Connor who taught her the skills and techniques that formed the basis of her wrestling career. In addition to regularly attending training, Bete Noire has also taken part in numerous seminars with the likes of Doug Williams, Drew McDonald & Erin Angel to name a few.

It was in September of 2011 when Bete Noire made her in-ring début as Lindsay Turner for Source in Erskine. Her début was in no way an easy one as she faced one of Scotland’s and the UK’s most talented in Nikki Storm.  Although unsuccessful in her début  Noire showed that she could keep the pace with more experienced competition and a rivalry soon ensued with Storm with the two competing on several occasions in late 2011 and early 2012.

Photo Credit: Rob Brazier Photography

Photo Credit: Rob Brazier Photography

In May of 2012 after suffering a couple of defeats to Nikki Storm, Bete Noire decided a change was needed. Noire decided to no longer portray the character of Lindsay Turner. She wanted to be herself and therefore became Lindsay ‘Marauder’ Shields, who apologized for nothing, embraced herself and was proud of whom she was. It was exactly the change Noire needed to make as in her re-début as Lindsay Shields on May 12th in Beith, she overcame long-time adversary Nikki Storm to pick up the victory against her.

On June 1st 2012 made her début for Scottish Wrestling Alliance where she teamed with the unusual character of Jam O’Malley. Although the surroundings were new, the adversary was not. In Noire’s début in SWA she faced an old foe in the shape of Nikki Storm who teamed with Glen Dunbar to face Noire and O’Malley. Being denied victory by Storm & Dunbar’s underhand tactics may have cost her and her team-mate a win but it didn’t stop Noire showing that she was more than talented enough to face some of the best in SWA and push them to their limits within the ring.

ICW April 2013 8

Photo Credit: Conor McGrath Photography

In 2012, it wasn’t just in Scotland that Bete Noire started to garner attention. Noire wrestled for The Wrestle Factory in Manchester, once again showing she was at extremely talented wrestler who wasn’t afraid to adapt to new styles of wrestling.

As with many aspects in life, growing and developing can lead to changes being needed and in September 2012, it was time for a change. This was the time when Bete Noire took over. No more Lindsay Turner, no more Lindsay Shields. Bete Noire had arrived in UK wrestling and she made her impact on Insane Championship Wrestling’s sister company, Fierce Females’ début show. On September 30th 2012, Bete Noire debuted in Fierce Females against another fast-rising star in the shape of Viper. Both wrestlers on that night showed how hard-hitting and physical they could be in (and outside) a wrestling ring. Many people regarded the match as the stand-out match of the show as both competitors went to war on each other. Bete Noire was a brutal, hard hitter who used power and force to decimate opponents. Anybody who was unfamiliar with Noire before September 30th was well versed in her talents and ability when the show was finished.

Just a few months later in November 2012, Bete Noire was once again able to show her talents to a new audience when she debuted at Pro-Wrestling: EVE’s WrestleFever iPPV where she teamed up with her Fierce Females opponent, Viper to form the tag team of She-X.  The team of She-X took on the teams of The Owens Twins and Rhia O’Reilly & Amazon Ayesha Ray in a 3-Way match, winning the match and leaving a lasting impression on those watching. However, picking up the victory in one match was not enough for She-X as they competed in a second match later that night against the team of April Davids & Kaori Yoneyama, again picking up the victory against a formidable team. A stand-out moment to many during the show was Bete Noire launching herself from the top rope on to her opponents outside the ring as she screamed, “I regret nothing”, an indication that Noire will do anything to win.

After picking up victories in her début as part of She-X, Bete Noire & Viper were entered as a part of the Pro-Wrestling: EVE Tag Team Championship tournament and faced Rhia O’Reilly & Amazon Ayesha Ray in the quarter finals on February 2nd. However, the quarter-final match descended into chaos as both teams went to war on each other and the match was deemed a no-contest. Once again, Bete Noire’s brutal, smash-mouth style was on show, a style often matched by her tag team partner, Viper. Noire showed the opposing team and everyone else on the Pro-Wrestling: EVE roster that she was not there to mess around.

ICW Tramspotting 1

Photo Credit: David J Wilson

A few weeks later on February 17th, Bete Noire made her début in Insane Championship Wrestling at their début Edinburgh show, ‘Tramspotting’ where her She-X tag team partner, Viper was now her opponent. Not only was revenge on Noire’s mind for her defeat at the hands of Viper back in September but also a chance to advance in Fierce Females Championship tournament to crown the first ever champion. Once again both wrestlers gave it everything they had to achieve victory in the match. In a rare moment even with the hardcore surroundings of ICW, Bete Noire was split open by Viper leading to her face being covered in her own blood, a scene that shocked many in attendance to see Noire’s face become the proverbial crimson mask. Bete Noire has said since the match that it is a moment she is quite proud of in her career to spill her own blood. Although unsuccessful in the match, Noire had now cemented her place in the UK wrestling scene as a leading talent who had shown the lengths she would go to in the pursuit of victory.

In Bete Noire’s most recent match, she competed in a Fatal Four-Way match against Kay Lee Ray, Sara & Carmel Jacobs in Insane Championship Wrestling’s Get Your Rat Oot in an attempt to win the final spot in the Fierce Females Championship tournament. As is now the standard of a match involving Noire, it was a hard-hitting match that demonstrated the talent, skill and determination of Bete Noire.

ICW April 2013 17

Photo Credit: David J Wilson

As 2013 rolls on, Bete Noire continues to train at the Source Wrestling School under the tutelage of Damien O’Connor and Mikey Whiplash as well as continue to impress throughout the UK. Noire will no doubt continue to gain more fans to her ever-growing fan base and the call of European, Japanese & American wrestling companies will surely come her way. One thing is definitely assured with Bete Noire, wherever Noire wrestles, she will smash faces and regret nothing.

On a personal note, we would like to thank Bete Noire for her time and help with putting the article together.


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